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Back at home, when Grandpa started building paper planes which he promised will fly, we were like – “oh Grandpa has finally lost it”. Subsequently, when started folding more paper planes each time the previous failed to fly, I knew Grandpa hadn’t lost it, at least not yet, but this time I thought – grandpa had gone nuts!. Building a plane out of a paper seemed like a topic taken from a $2 DIY kids comic. How time flies…
paper drone
Image credit: PowerUpToys™

Call it a paper bird, paper plane or paper drone, what you choose to call it doesn’t really matter, all that matters is that it is a cool handy piece of gadget that gives you that epic flight experience. The PowerUp FPV paper drone lets you experience flight in a first person view, it’s you flying your very own plane. Only that this time, it’s not going to be an Airbus A320 or something, it’s going to be something more personal and unique – A freaking Paper plane. Virtual Reality gadgets and drones seems to be the trending technology these days, PowerUpToys seemed to have ‘caught up on’ the idea quite early, that’s why the PowerUp FPV relies on these two technology. All you need is your smartphone slided into a head mounted display which looks just like the Google cardboard VR headset to see what your drone is seeing. By attaching a
fully rotating wide-view camera to the top of the drone, PowerUp gives the ability to live stream in-flight video to your smartphone. To make things way cooler, PowerUp utilises Virtual Reality to give you the best flight simulation experience any plane folded out of paper can offer. You can control drone 300 feets in the sky by simply moving your head whenever the plane and it’s app are used in conjunction with Google Cardboard or any other smartphone-powered VR headset like the Zeiss VR headset. If turning your head about to control a drone sems a little out of place for your taste, you couldalways use the in-app game pad for your killer stunts. This may be way out of the league of the “never working” paper drone prototype grandpa always built, but don’t expect MQ-9 reaper manoeuvres and video quality.
PowerUpToys Paper drone
Image credit: PowerUpToys™

The paper drone offers three flight control options: control by tilting your head with your head mounted display worn, controlling from a compatible smartphone or an Autopilot Option. The drone’s technology will be very much compatible with smartphones or tablets with android 4.2 or higher and iOS devices (probably iPhone 5 and higher).

power up paper drone
Image credit: PowerUpToys™

The plane, which has a top speed of 30kmh, has auto pilot for easy flying and has a continuous flight time of 10 mminutes. Official retail price for the paper drone is not really in public domain but the easiest and cheapest way to get one for yourself is supporting the campaign on kickstarter.