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Pokémon Go is so hot no day goes by without a new story making the rounds. The online world is so enamored by the Pokémon Go phenomenon that it is almost like a competition among news outlets to see who gets to break the newest or weirdest Pokémon Go story.

Pokémon Go, VR game, Mobile games
Pokémon Go

Tech Products has decided to curate some of the weirdest stories in the last one week. The truth though is that we can’t give you all the stories here. They are so many and new ones keep popping up by the hour.

If we miss any story you think deserved to be here, we would be happy if you tell us about them in the comments section. Now sit back and enjoy some of the stories we were able to get while scouring the net. Though, you don’t have to look too hard for strange Pokémon Go stories. Pokémon Go has taken over the world

Dead Body Discovered by Teen.

This was first reported by CNN just two days after the game was released. According to the story, 19 year old Shayla Wiggins stumbled upon a dead man near a river as she was trying to trap and capture a Pokémon.

So thanks to Shayla who lives in Wyoming, a dead body could have been left undiscovered for days or probably months. The family of the deceased must have being very grateful to Pokémon Go, though it brought them bad news.

Armed Robbers Using Pokémon Go as an Accomplice

niantic-logos-blackandwhite-820x420This is an ingenious way by thieves to use the app. The story goes that in Missouri, four teens used the game the attract people to isolated places where they proceed to rob them using handguns.

So the Police in the town of O’Fallon warned residents addicted to the game to be careful when they go hunting for Pokémon.

This is how Missouri police attempted to explain on their Facebook page how the armed teenage hoodlums were luring people to isolated places on their :

The way we believe it was used is you can add a beacon to a Pokéstop to lure more players. Apparently they were using the app to locate ppl standing around in the middle of a parking lot or whatever other location they were in,”

Holocaust Museum Plays Host to Pokémon

sign-upThe Holocaust Museum in Washington DC is a very revered place especially among the powerful Jewish lobby in the US. So when people started trooping there, not to pay homage to people who suffered (Jews mostly) horrifically during the 2nd World War but to hunt Pokémons, it felt like a profanity.

The officials from the Museum promptly called Niantic Labs, makers of the game to remove the Museum as one of the sites where Pokémons can be found or hunted.

Apparently, even a museum in Poland dedicated to the same purpose as the one in Washington had cause to call Niantic over the same issue.

Here is the tweet by the Polish Museum directed at Niantic Labs:

“@NianticLabs Do not allow playing ‘Pokémon Go’ on the site of our Memorial and similar places. it’s disrespectful to the memory of victims!”

Pokémon Lodges at Sex Offenders’ Hotel

slimNobody knows if Niantic did not do any due diligence on the New Windsor Hotel in Phoenix before they listed the location as the site where Pokémon can be hunted.

The hotel is very notorious for being the residence of about 43 sex offenders who have being released on parole. Most of them stay there for a while before they get alternative accommodation in town.

According to reports, the hotel must have likely found its way to Pokémon Go because it is one of the names in the historic-places list in the city of Phoenix.

I am sure some Phoenix residents must have being alarmed at the increasing traffic of strangers heading to that house. Some may have wondered if there was a sudden epidemic of sex offenders in the United States.


image credit: YouTube; androidcommunity.com; techcrunch.com; pokémon.com