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The world’s largest startup accelerator, Plug and Play has chosen 175 startups for its accelerator program with Nigeria’s Flutterwave and South Africa’s Hepstar being part of the list. Plug and Play is an international platform for corporations, startups and investors and it’s one of the most active VCs (Venture Capitals) in Silicon Valley.

Considering the vast number of accelerator programs, you must be inquisitive about the number of programs to be run. Well, it’s nine! These accelerator programs are going to be run simultaneously. The accelerator programs include ” Brand and Retail, Food and Beverages, Health and Wellness, Internet of Things, New Materials and Packaging, Insurtech, Mobility, Travel and Hospitality, and Fintech.

SA’s Hepstar is a startup that optimizes travel insurance sales for travel merchants with the use of e-merchandising technology and personalized computer engagement. Unsurprisingly, this startup involved in travel insurance merchandising was chosen for the Travel and Hospitality accelerator – give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar, right?

Nigeria’s Flutterwave was also allocated its Caesar – just for jokes. The Fintech accelerator is the program Flutterwave is to partake in. Flutterwave is reputable for its payment infrastructures that support the transfers of money across Africa. Their payment infrastructures cover all aspects of processing payments and they help in managing payment risks and settlement when sending and receiving money.

We look forward to the arrival of brilliant minds to our headquarters. We foresee our corporate partners more involved than ever. The startups can expect to run more pilots, diversify their business offerings, and raise additional funding to build their dream,” Founder and CEO of Plug and Play, Saeed Amidi said. This is a statement of good intent, I tell you.

The program is to span for 12 weeks. Now, down to other benefits of this program. I’ll have to tell you about the extensive networking with Plug and Play’s corporate partners, mentors and VCs which will be some of the other features to be enjoyed in the program. Investment pitches and business development are additional icing decors to this sumptuous cake (I mean the accelerator programs though, *winks*).

Their graduation will be during the Plug and Play’s Summit between the 6th to 8th of June 2017. Undoubtedly, programs such as this will improve the tech innovations and technology as a whole in Africa.