Periscope sketching

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Periscope sketching is the new product launched by Periscope, the Twitter-owned online video streaming service. Introduced two days ago in beta mode, Periscope sketching allows you to draw on your live video broadcast using three colors.

Periscope sketching

Users of Snapchat, another popular online streaming service would see this new feature from Periscope as a blatant copying of the same feature in Snapchat. But since Facebook entered the live video fray with the launch of Facebook Live, its being a series of copying and added features as Snapchat, Facebook Live and Periscope try to out-do themselves. This is because online live video is projected to be the next big thing for a very long time. The prevailing thinking in social network is if you want young people, who are the most active in social networks to use your product, live video streaming is the way to go.

So when Facebook Live joined the niche, it was seen as a direct challenge at Periscope and Snapchat, who resisted a takeover attempt from Facebook over two years ago. Facebook did not hide their intention as a copy cat of Periscope. Many features from Periscope like heart reactions, comment system, and live broadcast map have all being added to Facebook Live. In addition Facebook live now has a prominent tab on Facebook Messenger so that users can easily stream live videos.

Periscope sketchingPeriscope sketching is therefore seen as an attempt by Twitter to make sure Periscope remains relevant in that lucrative niche. Not minding if they copy Snapchat or not, since everybody seems to be doing it.
For now Periscope sketching is only available to broadcasters of live video. Which means if you are watching a live video on Periscope, you cannot make any sketches or drawings on the video. The sketches are meant to be like a running commentary as the broadcaster of the live video points out important segments of the live stream for viewers to see. The sketches does not freeze the live video, so they disappear after a few seconds.

However, this beta version of Periscope sketching is only available to a few select group of people to try their hands on it and give feed-backs to Twitter. If there was initial skepticism that this new feature would ever be deployed to all Periscope users, this has been dispelled by Twitter. In a statement they released to Tech Radar, Twitter said,

“We’re testing Sketching with a small group of people. This feature makes it fun and easy forbroadcasters to draw on the screen while broadcasting. Coming in a few weeks for everyone!”

How the competition between tech firms in the online live video niche pans out cannot be predicted. But one thing is sure, as long as things continue this way, only the consumers of this services are completely sure of getting new and better services as tech firms try to outdo themselves. As for the new Periscope sketching, lets hope Twitter does not delay too long before launching the feature to the general public.


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