Oukitel K6 specs and price

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Very recently, smartphone brand Oukitel have enjoyed increased popularity amongst users. The brand is known to produce very sleek and beautiful device that appeal to the eyes. These devices are not lacking in specifications and features too, just as they are affordable.

After launching a series of devices in the “K” series, like the K3 and K5, Oukitel is here with another just in time for Christmas. This one’s an advancement and it’s called the Oukitel K6. It features a major upgrade from the previous devices. In this post, we’d be taking a closer look at the specs, features, review and price of the Oukitel K6, and share what we think about them. Stay with us.


DISPLAY: 6.0 inches
OS: Android v7.1
PROCESSOR: octa-core
BATTERY: 6300 mAh

Oukitel K6 specifications and review
Oukitel K6 specifications and review
Oukitel K6 price in Nigeria, specs and review
Oukitel K6 price in Nigeria, specs and review
Oukitel K6 specs and price
Oukitel K6 specs and price


Ths Oukitel K6 smartphone features a pretty large display which is set at 6.0 inches. It is a FHD+INCELL display, and supports a 5 points multi-touch. With the size of the display, you do not expect to swipe the touch screen with just one hand comfortably. The display resolution of the Oukitel K6 device is pegged at 2160 * 1080 pixels. That’s quite and impressive one, as it is expected to have a very bright and clear display.


On measurements, the Oukitel K6 smartphone measures 158.7 * 76.3 * 10.4 mm. This while it also weighs 211.5 g. It comes in two color variants – blue and black – which provides users with a mix of options to choose from. Looking at the device, it looks beautifully and wonderfully made, as it is very sleek and comfortable to hold even with its size. The whole body is built of metal and the blue or black color makes it glow and appeal to the eyes.


A MT6763 octa-core processor is what the K6 is built on. This is as it has a professor speed of 2.0 GHz. The processor speed is relatively high, if most other smart phones are to be put in consideration. Oukitel K6 runs on an Android operating system v7.1. With this latest Android version, K6 would enjoy certain features that comes with it, like the battery saver feature and the screen splitting ability which is a new one.


Now, we must give props to the makers in this department. Dual cameras are now getting increasingly popular on the rear of devices. But I’m this case, Oukitel decided to put is both on the rear and front. On the front of the Oukitel K6, there’s a dual 21.0MP + 8MP camera. This front camera comes with a true-tone LED flash.

This is as the rear camera is pegged at 13MP + 8MP, and comes with a LED flash too. We could ascertain that this device had the selfie takers well in mind when in creation.


Taking care of the running of applications and switching between them is a 6 GB RAM. Now this is very impressive as it would do proper justice to providing a seamless experience for users with the phone. The Oukitel K6 is perfect in the regard. For your storage of music, videos, documents and other files, K6 has in store for you a 64GB storage space. This storage space is expandable up to 128 GB extra with the use of an external micro SD card. The micro SD card takes the place of the SIM 2 in the device.


Right on the Oukitel K6 smartphone, there’s a Fingerprint sensor present, gravity sensor, proximity sensor, Light sensor, gyroscope sensor, geomagnetic sensor and notification LED. The device also supports the 4G LTE network as you would expect and also a face ID feature to unlock the phone. This provides increased security especially with the fingerprint sensor too.


As its powerhouse, the Oukitel K6 packs a 6300mAh battery, with a 5V/3A charger. With this battery power, the Oukitel smartphone can be said to be made for heavy smartphone users. Light and average user might not need up to that capacity to be satisfied. Expect the battery to last over a day and numerous hours.


The price of the Oukitel K6 in Nigeria is expected to range from N85,000 to N105,000. This price would depend on your location in the country.