Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched

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I have always opined, and will continue to do so, that in a few years – very few -, the 3G network would have gone extinct. This is because of the fast penetration of the 4G LTE network in Nigeria, and the whole world generally.

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Telecommunications industries have been launching the 4G LTE networks, while smartphone makers have been producing a whole lot of devices that support this network. Nobody wants to be brutally kicked out of the market.

Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched

The CEO of ntel, Kamar Abass wrote a letter to Port Harcourt subscribers saying, “I am delighted to announce that beginning Thursday December 1, 2016 you can pick up and activate your ntel SIM here in Port Harcourt. We will give priority to those of you who pre-registered your preferred numbers during our number registration campaign.

In the weeks ahead, our branded stores located at 278 Aba road and 36 old Aba road would be up and running with the full complement of customer facing and after-sales support staff. We are excited to be in Port Harcourt and eager to bring our unique 4G/LTE Advanced services to eager Pioneers like you.”

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Recall that the company had announced in April that it would take off in 3 key cities of Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt in the first phase of their expansion. The commencement of operations in Port Harcourt is thus the completion of a cycle and a promise kept to subscribers.

So Port Harcourt subscribers, you can now enjoy the fast and reliable network with ntel. Just pay a visit to their branded stores and make your purchase.

So almost all the telcos have launched the 4G LTE network, and by ‘almost all’, I mean MTN, Globacom, Etisalat, ntel. Guess who’s missing? Oh right, Airtel. You know, I am still trying hard to fathom why Airtel has decided to continue to live in the past. More like someone living on past glories while everyone has moved on.

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Well, the kings of the market have done what they think is the best thing to. But at least, I think Airtel subscribers deserves to hear a HINT on what the future holds for them. If at all they’ll later get to use the 4G LTE network, so they’ll know when the right time to “port” is.


But for now, all we can say is welcome to porttharcout, ntel.