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There are times when some certain actions should not even be thought of, talk less of carrying them out, especially viewing the current situation of Nigeria as a country. But then, none of that were put into proper consideration.

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Before now, there have been a two time attempt to increase the data prices across all the telcos operating on the country, a move spearheaded by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), but was aborted due to certain reasons. However, since it couldn’t work for all, maybe it could work for one.

nTel, a telecommunications company situated and operating in Nigeria, has increased their data rates by nothing less than 25%. The increment affected the unlimited plans (Monthly, weekly and Lite) provided by the network.


Smartphone Unlimited Monthly:  From N10,000 to N12,500

Smartphone Unlimited Weekly: From N3,000 to N3,750

Smartphone Unlimited Lite: From N1,000 to N1,500 weekly.


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I do have some reservations about the timing of this increase in data rates. This increase is coming at a time when we do NOT need it most. The country is experiencing a very tough time economically and data rates are being increased.

Technology was made to make life very easy for us, but with such a development, one can only think otherwise. I think nTel should do a rethink even if the deed has already been done.

ntel is Nigeria’s most revolutionary telecommunications company which provides 4G LTE Advanced network that delivers superfast call-connect times, crystal clear Voice over LTE and extraordinarily high internet access speed.

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Their aim is to redefine the Nigerian telecommunications landscape and enrich the lives of Nigerians by delivering the most advanced communications technology across the largest possible network coverage in the most effective, valuable and satisfying manner.