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Nokia Owns The Alcatel Brand Till 2024

Alcatel (previously Alcatel OneTouch) is a brand of mobile handsets used under license by Chinese electronics company TCL Corporation has been acquired by Nokia – or was acquired by Nokia in 2016. Just that the details wasn’t clear then. Not it is.

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Before now, the Nokia brand was licensed to HMD global, which would remain the status quo for the next ten years. Though, Nokia still has a seat on the five (5) members of the board of directors.

I’m sure you remember Alcatel. If you don’t, I surely do. That brand that makes strong and stubborn looking phones which might seem to have the same strength and durability of the Nokia 3310. Now, I think a similar company like Nokia is right to acquire it.

Alcatel One Touch

Alcatel One Touch

The Alcatel brand was licensed by Alcatel-Lucent to TCL for mobile phones and devices and this license expires at the end of 2024. When Nokia acquired the assets of Alcatel-Lucent in 2016, this also included licensing agreements for the Alcatel brand.

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2024 is still far ahead and we’ll surely be waiting for more Alcatel branded phones to flood the market. Also considering the fact that Nokia has been impressive since HMD global took over, we do anticipate that the company would be able to replicate that feat with the Alcatel brand.

During the MWC 2017 that was held at Barcelona last month, Alcatel caught the eyes of the most viewers and techies, while being impressive around the area by launching Alcatel A5 LED which is the first Android Smartphone to arrive with a “interactive LED-covered phone”. Quite remarkable, I must note.

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The first Alcatel phone was the OT Easy HF. It was released in 1998, and had a battery standby life of up to 140 hours. Do you think such Alcatel phones can still be made for use for consumers in the present industry?

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    Thank you very much for the update Tech products.


    2 brands that are almost going obsolete. What good can come out of their union?

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