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Yay! 2016 is another year about to come to an end and as tradition demands, big daddy G. has released their ‘most searched’ lists of the year and as you would expect, the list of the most searched smartphones in 2016 has been brought to us.

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This year could be said to be one of the best years when it comes to the smartphones regard. It would be very fair to say a lot of companies were on a phone launching spree. They weren’t just giving in, releasing both cost-effective and high specification phones, while some others released phones which could pass for a grenade – no pun intended.

Well, the photo below shows the most searched smartphones on Google’s engine and it could also translate that these are the phones which caught the attention of most smartphone users in Nigeria or on a lighter note, which caught their pocket instead.

Most searched smartphones in Nigeria 2016
Most searched smartphones in Nigeria 2016

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Even though the iPhone 7 topped the list which is an iOS device, android devices dominated the remaining part of the list. I’m actually surprised about the fact that a device like the Galaxy Note 7 didn’t make the list despite its popularity. Maybe it was deliberately left out due to the very bad publicity it garnered over the past months.

iPhone 7 3.5mm port drilling video
iPhone 7

Infinix and Tecno devices must have made a hell of sales this year as the statistics suggests. Up to four of infinix devices were listed up there and even though those searches do not translate into sales, it could mean a whole lot of people want to know more about the phone, probably for the purpose of purchasing it or otherwise.

tecno camon c9 pro
tecno camon c9 pro

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We could also notice that the searches entailed low end smart phones which could only be as a result of one thing – the present economic recession. Truly, Nigerians, we feel your pain. We know the iPhone 7 only topped the list because of the widespread publicity the makers propagated.

infinix S X521 photo
infinix S X521 photo

So smartphone users, did the list reflect your interests?