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The field of technology in Nigeria continually grows as the days go by. More startups evolving, more tech companies gaining more grounds, launch of potential record-breaking apps et al. Another aspect of technology that’s beginning to have more impact on the Nigerian scene is the Artificial Intelligence popularly called AI.

This field of technology has gained more grounds in not only Nigeria but also across the world that even Ali Baba Group Founder said… Before I diverge too much, let me go to the business of the day.

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Kudi.ai, just as the name translates –Kudi is a Hausa language that means money- is a bill payment chatbot in Nigeria. The good news is that Kudi.ai is now available on Skype and Telegram. This will give users across Nigeria ease of access to the platform’s services.

Kudi.ai started operations this year and its strategy of operation adds a brand new feel to the world of banking. While chatting with the chatbot, you can send money, buy airtime, subscribe and pay bills. That simple!

The startup participated in the Y Combinator’s Winter 2017 (YC W17) batch which included four other startups from Nigeria. The YC W17 granted the startup training, mentorship, opportunity to pitch their product before a large audience, access to investors and most importantly “kudi” to grow the startup into a big enterprise.

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Well, it can be seen that Kudi.ai has not relented in the quest for growth as it has extended its platform’s services to social media giants Skype and Telegram. Before now, the AI was only available on another social media giant’s app – Facebook Messenger. The chatbot had limited popularity when it was only supported on the Facebook Messenger because not everyone was conversant with the app.

The extension of its services to Telegram, also a messaging platform and Skype, a video chatting platform assures it of more reach to the populace considering the diversity in these two social media styles.

The platform’s reach is expected to make entry into more popular apps like WeChat and WhatsApp. With more popularity and usage of Kudi.ai, frequent bank visits can be subsidized to a very minimal level.