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Frontier Car Group (‘FCG’), is a visionary company that in just a few 18 months has become a pioneering force in Africa’s technology industry. The startup which wS launched just a year and a half ago, builds and runs tech-enabled used-car marketplaces allowing people to buy and sell cars safely and efficiently for a fair price in top tier emerging markets like Nigeria.

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Latest news is that they have received a $22 million investment from EchoVC+.

FCG is a purpose-built technology platform that tries to break down the complex nature of the used-car marketplace, and ensure the process of buying and selling used cars is as easy as you can think of.

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Like many other emerging markets, Nigeria’s used car market has been infiltrated by an alarming number of fraudsters w hi o create incidents where several f unsuspecting buyers purchase stolen cars or unscrupulous sellers offering undisclosed-as-previously-damaged vehicles.

Frontier Car Group, through its current operating subsidiaries VendeNosTuAuto (Chile), VendeTuAuto (Mexico), CarFirst (Pakistan), Ototrink (Turkey) and Cars45 (now Nigeria’s largest car buying service), is on track to revolutionize how used automobile sales networks operate in emerging markets around the world.

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It is important to note how well, and how needed their presence in this marketplace is. Presently, it is no doubt that they are solving a problem and lifting a very big load of the back of many Nigerians who have been victims of unscrupulous elements. Need I say that this investment would also go a very long way to improve their services to customer, while also expanding the company. Congrats FCG.