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GoMyWay, a Nigerian startup that’s involved in ride sharing has announced the increased surge in the users of its platform.

GoMyWay is a platform in Nigeria that connects travelers with riders who are ready to share rides with them. The costs of the rides come at affordable prices depending on the location the customer intends to go.

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The platform has seen much traction under its two years of existence, that the states where it operates has risen from five states to sixteen states across the country. It’s just a matter of time before the startup will cover a large portion of states across Nigeria and even extend to neighboring nations.

Also, the startup revealed other statistics to show its increase in users. The startup revealed that in its first year of operation, it was 1.8 person per ride but at present, the figure stands at 2.8 per ride. That’s not all, it was also revealed that 150% new members have joined the platform, and the number of seats for sharing has increased by 300%.

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Damilola Teidi, CEO of GoMyWay stated that the growth rate of the platform is just incredible and shows that the platform’s service is well accepted across the country.

“Looking back, it is interesting to see how much we have grown. We have seen an increasing acceptance of this concept of ridesharing by Nigerians and are more than glad to be at the forefront,” said Damilola.

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To celebrate the two years in operation, the startup organised a programme called the Ride Share Week. the Ride Share Week ran through June 5 to June 10 2017. The programme, which will now take place annually saw a lot of individuals winning amazing prizes.

“The goal is that the Rideshare week will become bigger every year, and ultimately, many more Nigerians will get involved in the ridesharing culture,” added Damilola.

The Ride Share Week was launched as an initiative from GoMyWay to create more awareness to the public about GoMyWay.


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