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Startups from different categories have been up and doing in raising funds of late. The most recent startup to raise funds is from the comic category. Reports have it that Nigerian comic startup, Comic Republic has raised funds from two investors in a bid to enlarge its portfolio towards the coming years. The details of the exact amount of funds raised is undisclosed as we speak.

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The Lagos-based comic startup is a comic character franchise that produces digital comic books to tell incredible stories about Africa and African culture. Comic Republic is home to several comics such as Avonome, Hero Generation, Uhuru, Scion Immortal. Comic exploits by Comic Republic has seen the startup named as the Best Comic Publishing Firm in Nigeria at the 2015 Lagos Comic Convention.

Its most notable comic character is Guardian Prime. Guardian Prime is a young Nigerian fashion designer but also a superhero with super strength, flight and super speed. He uses his abilities to save lives.

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Last year, Aviva Group Nigeria –educational publishing firm- acquired the right to print the Guardian Prime character on some of its stationeries. Comic Republic signed a multi-million deal to this effect –acquisition of rights.

“I am very happy and excited about the opportunity to work with the Comic Republic team as a non executive director. The company is well positioned as the leading character-based entertainment company in Nigeria and we aim to continue to grow its presence in Africa and beyond,” said Hammond, who joins the startup as non executive director.

He added, “Comics and animation had a big influence on my childhood and continues to do so till today. I am hoping the team continues this legacy of shaping young minds and providing entertainment for generations to come.”

There is a suggestion that the deal is a multi-million naira worth; whatever the case may be, this will push the startup to boost its portfolio and produce more comics. Just like the famous DC and Marvel, Comic Republic given the right tools might as well convert their comic-based productions into blockbusters; although it’s a long shot from now.