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Few weeks after Cupertino based tech giant – Apple inc released its 2015 flagship smartphones – The iPhone 6s and 6s plus , rumors about 2016’s flagship – the iPhone 7 had already gone wild. Similarly, just few months after the launch of the Apple Watch, rumors of possible specs of the next Apple watch is already sweeping through the web. This time however, the aren’t just mere rumors from Unnamed sources or random’Apple insiders’ , the rumors are from the horses mouth.
Apple watch
Image credit: CultOfMac.com

According to Barry Lam, chairman of Quanta Computers, the company responsible for making the Apple watch, Apple watch 2 is already in the making. Barry made the comments during a recent investor meeting, in which he claimed that the Apple Watch 2 would be (unsurprisingly) better than the Apple watch 1. He further went forward to hint the possible release date as Q2 2016. Following Apple’s tradition of yearly upgrade of its iPhone and iPad devices, it’s perhaps not all that surprising that the company would tow the same path with the Apple watch. It’s certainly interesting and more reassuring to hear confirmation from high up that this will likely be the case. Though there hasn’t been any substantial hint regarding the device specs by official sources but widely speculated rumors indicate:
Apple watch 2
Image credit: CultOfMac.com

i) Apple watch 2 is going to boost a better battery life than the mediocre electric juice capacity of the Apple watch 1. If you find the current battery life of the Apple watch 1 to be a pain in the ass, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.
ii) the display of the next-gen Apple watch 2 will remain identical in size, shape and resolution to its predecessor — though there is a strong posibilty for a marginally thinner display to make room for a slightly larger battery. So the bad news is – If for some reason the image quality, screen size, and square display of the current Apple Watch doesn’t make your favourite specs list, don’t expect any of your quibbles to be fixed with next year’s Apple Watch 2.
iii) Apple currently uses LG’s display for the Apple watch , however next year’s Apple watch 2 is going to be complemented with Samsung’s P-OLED panels.
iv) The next- gen Apple Watch will also boast an added FaceTime camera, greater levels of iPhone independence, and additional high-end models may cost in excess of $1000. By incorporating a new WiFi chipset into the Apple Watch 2, users of the second-gen Apple watch will likely have greater independence for features such as text messaging, emailing and weather data. Notwithstanding, the Apple watch 2 will still require an iPhone for large data transfers like software upgrades.

Apple will be looking forward to beating its current sales record for the Apple watch 1 which was quite impressive. According to Data by Canalys, The company shipped nearly 7 million smart watches shortly after the launch of the wearable. This figure trumps all other vendors’ combined shipments over the previous five quarters. In Q3 Apple was the only smart watch vendor to ship more than 300,000 units.