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Yes, a freaking one a that. If you are a fan of Harry Potter or Merlin or other supernatural series and have become bored of just watching the witch/wizard thriller only on HD screens, and for some weird reason, feel like getting a little witchy, rejoice because your dreams are just about to come true. With just a $270 “Logbar Ring” you could be in line to becoming the next Merlin. A Merlin without the dragon tantrums and without a Camelot to fight for.This ring let’s you point at just about any compatible gadget, gesture to it and makes it perform its traditional functions… Not so fast, before getting into the cool part, let’s get the basics;

The ring( quite a generic name if you ask me) is the creation of Logbar Inc. , a technology company with an office at Sunnyvale, California and headquartered at Tokyo, Japan. The company raised $1 million to actualize the concept, with different trial and errors in the process.

The Concept..
For the religious fanatics that may frown at the very idea of a “magic” ring that makes you a witch, you might want to spare us the drama as the ring is nothing close to being supernatural. A first impression of what it can do may seem abnormally amazing but the general working concept is not rocket science. The ring is armed with advanced sensors which detect and track the movement of the fingers, identifies the gesture being made, interprets the gesture and transmits the corresponding command to the target device. For instance a cleaning gesture on the air could be used to turn on a washer and a swipe gesture to open and close the door and window curtains
 how to use the ring
photo credit: herdsurf.com
The spec’s
Being a wearable tech device, one won’t expect it to be stuffed with too many hardwares to ensure a light weight and comfort. Logbar Inc. Is probably and aware of this, so the ring comes light and with few Hardies. The ring powered by a built-in 3.7v lithium polymer battery. It features EEPROM memory, a 6-axis acceleration angular speed sensor, a touch sensor and a micro vibrator. The battery can last between 1 and 3days of continuous use and 18 days on sstandby, surviving approximately 1000 gestures per charge and an average of 1000 ccharges.

OK, let’s go back to supernatural movies. Wizards and sorcerers in this movies perform incredible magic but for some weird reason the can’t use it to achieve world peace and stop climate change (the UN will be very happy believe me..), well guess why? Its their voodoo is not just compatible with this action. Enter the logbar, as ppromising as it is, the logbar ring is critically “compatibility dependent”. You definetey should stay away from buying the ring if you want to just swipe your hands and get your pre-historic microwave making you some tasty brunch( which wizard does that anyway), its just not compatible. However the ring is compatible with Google glass, recent waves of smart watches giving greater control of writing letter using text transmission. It can also be use to make payments using iBeacon by tracing number with ringers. It is also compatible with lots of home and office electronic gadgets, one could just snap the fingers to print a document or web page on a PC screen,draw in the air to close curtains, turn on TV sets or switch lights on and off by ssimply waving their fingers.
Logbar rings
Like every new start up out there, the ring is not without controversies. Critics have not failed to point out that the ring is hilariously bulky and laughably big, though Logbar Inc. seems to be fixing this flaw with subsequent releases. Others have been very vocal in criticizing the firm for not using wireless chargers despite the “come along” power bank and charger being quite portable. And of course snazzy labs claim the software works only 5-10% the time, as I am yet to get a current release of this gadget, I can’t categorically refute nor collaborate this claims.
Logbar rings