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About two years ago when Whim was launched, the intention behind it was “What if a dating app was focused on enabling real dates, rather than chatting?” Prior to it still, existed Tinder and its imitators which entailed a lot of weird messaging to bring about the date but when Whim came it took care of those preliminaries by erasing them.

Date Interface
Date Interface

So Eve Peters who is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Whim said the idea was appealing to users but for one problem Whim requested the days you are free or up for dates. He said “Planning ahead was hard for people,”  “With our culture becoming more and more spontaneous, asking what nights are you free for dates this week … was stressful and overwhelming.”  and quoting some other user “For what it’s worth, when I used Whim, I did find that scheduling ahead for a possible-but-not-guaranteed date was a challenge.”

So moving on after raising money through equity crowdfunding, Chief Executive Officer Eve Peters and her team launched a new iOS app named Tonight. The app preserves the most distinctive part of Whim which is setting up arrangements for a date as soon as two share an interest in themselves without messages required. Now the major difference is you will no longer need to schedule or fix dates ahead of time but just sign up when you are free for a date that particular evening. So on the occassion that you and one of your matches is free, the application gives you a time and sets up a meet.

A date can only be gotten if you sign in by 6pm on a free nigth and this will ward off those looking for just a mere hook up plus users get penalized for flaking out and eventually removed if they continue with the act. Also worthy of note is that users no longer swipe to get dates, rather they scroll down a list of possible matches and hit the heart button when they find their liked or preffered match. (They will not see available users who are free tonight even though the available ones will usually show up at the top of the list.)

“Everything we’ve built in here is not optimizing for matches or swipes,” Peters said. “Our most important KPI is date success rate — the number of people who get a date, divided by the number of people who tried to get a date.”

She also added that” she wants users to see Tonight as their personal dating assistant. For starters, the app and its push notifications have a chatty style, like it’s a friend walking you through all the steps needed for a date. Over time, Tonight could become more helpful with features like Lyft integration and customizable venue and activity recommendations.”

Tonight App is being launched first in New York and at the moment it is available for free, even though the plan is to monetize either through subscriptions or a per-date model.

Whim continues to exist for now even though Peters said “she aims to transition everyone over to Tonight.” And concerning the reason she is launching a new app in the first place instead of redesigning the existing one she said  “We went back-and-forth but ultimately decided to rebrand. It’s such a distinctly new experience, and [the name] already helps explain what the app is about.”

Also as always adviced by securities and for self please be very cautious.