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 neurosky mindwave

Its not one of those virtual reality headset neither is it a prototype for freakish head-mounted game control – its something more, an amazing Telekinesis gadget. Obviously if you are a star wars fan or fan of all those crazy mind-control SciFi, then chances are that you one day imagined being able to control stuffs by your mind. Chinese researshers have built mind controlled cars, there are also a handful of mind controlled gadgets out there, so mind control isn’t really news. However, most of this gadgets are “controlled” rather than be the “controller”, what NeuroSky Mindwave does is give you the “controller” status by being a controller itself. Imagine a future were you can control most electronic device with your mind? Imagine a future were you can surf the web and play YouTube videos without moving a finger? We might not be jumping around with futuristic jetpacks, but with NeuroSky MindWave the future is now!

mindwave in use
Image credit: shitiwant.blogspot.com

The headset designed to measure EEG output and brainwaves, and utilize them to control home computers and mobile devices ( and eventually perhaps killer robots). Your brain is constantly producing electrical signals while it operates, as neurons communicate with each other. At a macro scale, they produce a range of frequencies that scientists have found relate to particular mental states.The Mindwave headset picks up your brain’s electrical activity and divides the signal by frequency into various types of waves allowing it to infer your mental state. It is compatible with Apple iOS products, including iPhone, iPod Touch as well as iPad and Android phones as well as android tablets. According to NeuroSky the “MindWave Mobile is the world’s least expensive research-grade EEG headset available”. Though for posterity’s sake I have to tag that statement with the “[Citation Needed]” phrase. It comes packed with five bonus app; Brainwave Visualizer, Man.Up, ZombiePop, Meditation Journal, and the MindWave Tutorial. At about 90g of weight, the Neurosky mindWave can stay comfortably mounted on your head for quite a long time without any significant discomfort. The device consists of a headset, an ear-clip, and a sensor arm. The headset’s reference and ground electrodes are on the ear clip and the EEG electrode is on the sensor arm, resting on the forehead above the eye.

Remember Cerebro from the X-men SciFi? that bald headset wearing dickhead? Well if you do, you get your very own version of his head mounted psychokinesis gadget at just $129.99. It requires just one AAA battery to cruise you through 8 hours of telekinetic madness. With the mindwave in hand and an active Bluetooth connection, wowing your buddies by mmind-controlling their iPhone 6s plus is entirely recommended.

The installation of the headset is quite easy, partly because it requires no freaking installation and because all you need is a Bluetooth connection for it to go ‘on air’. After establishing a Bluetooth connection, all that is left is downloading the bundled apps, or simply installing them with the included CD if the device isn’t a mobile of some kind.


• Weight: 90g
• Sensor arm up: height: 225mm x width: 155mm x depth: 92mm
• Sensor Arm down: height: 225mm x width: 155mm x depth: 165mm
• BT Version: 2.1
• BT Output Power: Class 2
• BT Minimum Voltage: 1.0V
• BT Range: 10m range
• BT Power Consmuption: 80mA (when connected and transmitting)
• Low Battery Indicator 1.1V
• UART(Serial): VCC, GNC, TX, RX
• UART Baudrate: 57,600 Baud
Separate additional iOS and Android Apps are available through their respective Mobile App Store.