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Congratulations! You have survived the longest month of the year. You’ve already broken enough new year resolutions to know it is easier for Apple and iPhone to switch over to Android than for you to keep your resolutions. So you want to start the new month by doing what you put off; like start watching Netflix, that is now in Nigeria, on your laptop? Here is a simple ‘Netflix signup’ guide for you

Netflix signup

Unlike new year resolutions, Netflix signup is rather easy to do, all you need are
-good stable internet connection and
-your credit/debit card

Step 1.
Open your browser and go to You’d be taken to a dark-themed page that hopefully shouldn’t remind you of the month that just went by. To start the Netflix signup, just click on ‘Start your free month’ tab. Since you don’t have an account yet, the ‘sign in‘ tab at the top right corner would do you no good.

Step 2
The ‘choose the plan that is right for you’ page should just be the page to prove to yourself that 2016 is the year you reign in your spending. So I’m betting you’ll smugly choose the ‘basic’ plan. Scrool down and click the ‘continue‘ tab.

Step 3
If you believe the ‘just two more steps and you’re done‘ message, you’ll be setting yourself up for a bad day. Don’t allow my mood discourage you. You must join the Netflix party or be square forever. Go ahead and provide your email and password. And click register.

Step 4.

Netflix signup

Click on the card you have. Notice Netflix is telling you you won’t be charged until after the Free trial. Fair enough. Good thing to get something free after the financial mauling you got last month.

The drop down menu opens up to show boxes to fill in your card details. Your security code is the 3 or 4 numbers at the back of your card.

Netflix signup

Humour them and click the ‘I am over 18,…..‘ tab.
Then click ‘start membership.

Step 5

Netflix signup

The page is just sort of reminding you about stuff you already knew. Don’t give them your phone number if you don’t have to. They have enough of you already. Click continue

Step 6
Who would be watching Netflix? My dog for God’s sake. These people think we have time to waste on unimportant questions. Are we applying for a civil service job? Click ‘continue.

Netflix Signup

Step 7
Hmmmm…. I suggest you pick 3 that reflect variety. Like an thriller movie, a TV show and an animation. Netflix said one is entitled to all shows. This page looks as if they intend to limit the shows they offer you to watch. No matter. Pick your 3 and hit continue

Netflix signup

Step 8
Four steps later and we are still not watching a free movie. Anyway just wait for the Netflix to do their thing. Thankfully this step is rather swift

Netflix signup

Step 9
Finally your are done. Click on any of the offering. Scrolling down would reveal all the shows they have apparently personalized for you.

Netflix signup

Step 10.
Opps…! What the Netflix is that! You read the message with stiffly furrowed brows to convey your irritation. Since you must watch Netflix this month, just install this strange plugin you’ve never heard of from Microsoft. It must be OK to install it since it is from two reputable firms.

Netflix signup

So click on ‘install now‘ box, while quietly promising yourself you would quit this whole Netflix signup business if the next step doesn’t start playing your movie.

Finally, it’s working; after asking you to restart the PC for the plugin to be activated. Just 10 simple steps to complete the Netflix signup!

New resolution for the year: start hunting for unlimited bandwidth or else…..