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After the Nigerian Senate asked the Nigerian Communications Commission to stop the planned data tariff hike – I’m sure Nigerians would shower them with praises for this – , I guess their order has been followed to the core as the NCC has now suspended the data price hike, at least for now, as that is what ‘suspends’ mean.

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This relieving decision was communicated in a statement signed by the commission’s Director of Public Affairs, Tony Ojobo. He maintains that the decision was taken after consultation with industry stakeholders and following complaints by consumers in the country. The commission directed all operators to maintain status quo until the study alluded to in the earlier directive is concluded.


“The NCC as a responsive agency of government takes into consideration the feelings of the consumers and so decided to suspend the new price floor”.

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Now, they said they put into consideration the feelings of the customers which is a good thing, and which also means the order given by the Nigerian senate has nothing to do with the suspension. It could also mean that in a little time to come, they’ll bring back this same directive. Well, there’s nothing else to do than to watch in HD.

NCC give networks ultmatum over DND
Tony Ojobo, NCC Director of Public Affairs

The commission stressed that the decision to introduce the 0.90k/MB price floor was taken in order to protect consumers “who are at the receiving end” and also shield smaller operators from predatory services likely to stifle them. It also reminded us that the price floor withdrawn in 2015 was 3.11k/MB but the now suspended one was just 0.90k/MB.

“The price floor is not an increase in price but a regulatory safeguard put in place by the telecommunications regulator to check anti-competitive practices by dominant operators”.

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Well, in Nigeria, even if someone put a dagger on your neck, they can say they are trying to protect you and still expect you to believe it.

As far as I am concerned, which is most likely your concern too, the main issue here is that the price hike has been suspended. We do hope it is rusticated too. END OF TALK.

How many ‘gbosa’ for the Nigerian senate?