Nigerian Communications Commission

Lt. Gen. Tukur Burrattai the Chief of Army Staff sounded an alarm against the use of unregistered SIM cards describing it as a menace and an impediment in the fight against crime and terrorism in the country. Lt. Gen. Tukur Burrattai who was represented by Gen. Samuel Adebayo during a presentation of a paper titled Digital, Mobile and Computer Forensics as a Tool in Fighting Terrorism and Internal Threats, at the 6th International Digital Mobile and Computer Forensics Conference and training expo, DIGIFOR2017 in Abuja, called out to all significant authorities in relation to SIM regulation to re-address the problem of unregistered SIM and come to a final positive solution to the matter particular;y because of the looming danger threats to country.

Gen. Samuel Adebayo mentioned the Nigerian Army’s efforts to combat progressively terrorism, robbery, kidnapping and other crimes through forensic technology but meet obstructions with identification some times as a result of unregistered SIMs.

The Nigerian Communications Commission ( NCC ) during a meeting with all telecommunications operators in the country also reiterated the Riot Act constitutionally saying it will not be tolerated any more the case of unregistered or improperly registered SIM cards use in the country.

A 12 – man task force team inclusive of representatives of the various telecommunications operators was also set up by the commission ( NCC ) to do a thorough work in finding out strategic and result oriented ways to curb the menace in a six weeks time frame. Mean while Professor Umar Danbatta who is the Executive Vice Chairman of Nigerian Communications Commission while addressing the operators emphasized the fact that this issue has been the major topic of discussion during several meetings had by NCC in the last two years. He made mention too of threat it is to the Nigerian populace  particularly with the reports from the office of the National Security Adviser that the issue cuts through the security of the country. Professor Umar Danbatta also added in a warning note that the offence of unregistered SIM cards is breach of the Telephone Subscribers Registration Regulation 2011.