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Are you a fan of extreme sports?, Are you among the crazy list of dangerous adventurers? , Or just like me, you simply find the idea of a smart helmet irresistible? Then taking a quick break to read this is going to be a fair treat. “Nand Logic” is a “Smart Helmet” that allows the user to perform high-level cognitive tasks such as cycling, snowboarding, or skateboarding; while it performs low-level functions that support those tasks. These functions can include noise reduction, signaling, managing communication links, and processing environmental data. To put it in a more succinctly manner: While you desparately search for creative ways ‘ to die ‘ through dangerous sports, Nand Logic might just be innovatimg creative ways to save your life using technology. By monitoring both its internal and external environment, Nand Logic enhances the user’s situational awareness by presenting relevant information in a clear and simple manner.
nand logic crash helmet
Image credit: Nand Logic Cooperation

The helmet features a forward-facing HD video camera for recording first-person footage on an onboard SD card. There’s also a rear-facing camera, the footage from which can be recorded for purposes such as insurance claims and other legal matters.

Band logic
Image credit:: Nand Logic Corporation
The smart helmet integrates accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth and GPS module, temperature and humidity sensors among others to create a “badass” electronic helmet system. The helmet may just top the list when it comes to the highest number of electronic goodies packed into a single crash helmet. Though currently in prototype form, the Smart Helmet’s various electronics are run by an onboard multicore System on a chip (SoC).
NAND logic smart helmet
Image credit: Nand Logic Corperation
The helmet’s stereo speakers sound an alert anytime a collision is imminent. This is possible by utilising fairly advanced object-tracking technology via the two onboard cameras which are also used to monitor traffic and objects around the user. Nand Logic corporation, the company that produces the smart crash helmet hopes to integrate a visual warning system utilizing LEDs in the user’s peripheral vision to enhance the fore warning and safety capabilities of the helmet.
nand logic active ventilation system
Image credit: Nand Logic corporation
The onboard ambient light sensor determines when it’s getting dark outside and lets the helmet know it’s time to turn on its built-in LED headlights. Also, utilising the power of the GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope, the helmet is able to ascertain its position within three-dimensional space at any point in time.This allows it to activate built-in turn signals and a brake light, when the user is turning to either side or slowing down.
nand logic crash helmet
Image credit: Nand logic corperation
The helmet also enables users to do things like making and receiving calls, receiving turn-by-turn directions, or listening to music by communicating with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

SAFETY concerns…
With all the onboard electronics and sensors, one would not be too cautious by raising heating or radiation concerns. Indeed this would truly be credible concerns, however according to Nand Logic: “The heat generated from the electronics and the LEDs is minimal at best, not even as hot as your average smartphone. In addition to this is added benefit of our “Active Ventilation” system (see article above) . Also the internal electronics will have a VCS (Virtual Control System) that monitors power consumption, and regulates the use of power on an application by application basis. ”
Furthermore “…….All the devices we are deployed the Smart Helmet can be found in any modern day smartphone. You are far more likely to receive radiation poisoning from excessive smartphone usage than our Smart Helmet, and as far as we aware of there have been no IARC validated reports of radiation
poisoning or dielectric heating from excessive smartphone usage….”

The helmet will cost something south of $500 when available for order. That price may seem much but its about $900 less than similar smart crash helmet in the market.



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