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It would be a great injustice on my part if I don’t tell you that as a student, this is one very important app you’ll be needing in school. The app has been design to suite whatever might be your schedule.

Now, don’t make your smartphone just about Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Whatsapp, even though they are very important, you can add at least one educative app to the long list of apps, and your surest bet is the mystudyFocus app.

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myStudyFocus is a mobile app developed for students in higher institutions to help manage their daily school activities. Daily school activities could mean lectures and all.

The intent of the app is to make us become an “improved and more effective student”. Therfore, the developer has finetuned the platform to manage uphill tasks such as Grade Point calculations, homework, lecture schedules, timetables, projects and so on, which is sure to increase the performance and overall effectiveness of the average Nigerian student.

myStudyFocus was Launched in January, 2017 by Olaogun Toluwalase, and the app is closing up on 5000 downloads on Google Play store already.


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* Course outline and details for all courses to be taken from first to final year. Currently available to University of Lagos (Unilag) students only. More schools to be added on.

* Timetables with 10-minute notification ahead of lecture

* Task manager; keeps track of tasks such as studying and submission of assignments. Notifies when completed.

* Grade Point calculator — easily calculate and estimate grades for a particular semester or year.

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Actually, the acceptability of this app by the general student community might be in serious doubt. Not that the app isn’t perfect enough to be benefited from and gainfully used by students – in fact, it is – but the present day students have not got the zeal and aren’t motivated enough for this.

I think this should challenge Mr. Tolu to brace up and give this app some real publicity.

Well, personally, as a student, I think I’ll surely make this app a part of my phone app list, as it is sure to help ease my daily affairs.

But then, if technology does not ease my life, then what will?