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MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity is beginning to make fast waves across the nation. The launch of the electricity system received different reactions from Nigerians but tides seem to have changed to favor the MTN solar-powered device.

When launched few months ago, the promise the energy solution –Lumos Mobile Electricity- presented was to deliver uninterrupted power supply at an affordable rate. The energy solution as seen from testimonials is keeping the promise made.

The alternative supply of electricity makes use of the solar power as its source. The simple energy solutions the device gives grants owners of small scale businesses comfortable service. The device can be a source of power to appliances such as televisions, mobile phones, standing fans, ceiling fans, lamps and some other small power-consuming items.

I am quite pleased at what MTN and this Lumos company has done. For us the common man, it’s a victory because we can access uninterrupted electricity at a little cost. Around here, we don’t use a lot of power and the mobile electricity is just the perfect solution.” said Shehu Musa, a farmer in Kogi State.

The Telecommunications Giant, MTN made the device with the aim of tackling the current poor state of power in the nation by partnering with the right company to work out the alternative solution to the energy problem.

The power challenge in Nigeria is glaring and it behoves us to find ways to change the game. While the government is trying to find a lasting solution, we should also dig deep and bring succor in ways we can. The Lumos Mobile Electricity is a viable alternative. We’re delighted with the response across Nigeria so far and we encourage more people to take advantage of the device and solve simple power problems,” said MTN’s General Manager, Brand and Communications, Richard Iweanoge.

Although, the device might be expensive, the weight of the device’s price has been drastically with the introduction of payment in installments. The device can be acquired for a first-time token of NGN26,000. Subsequent payment will comprise of small payments over a 5-year course. To access the device on a daily basis, a daily access fee of NGN200 is required which can be paid through MTN airtime.