Mtn wants FG to ban whatsapp

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Very laughable, was the first thought that came to my mind when I came across this news. There are somethings some people should just know can’t happen in this life or even the next as long as we are in Nigeria. MTN should know that too.

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The Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of MTN Nigeria, Mr. Ferdinand Moolman, has disclosed that the activities of ‘over-the-top’ companies like WhatsApp, Viber have adverse effects on its business and affects the sustainability of Nigeria’s telecommunications industry.

Mtn wants FG to ban whatsapp
Mtn wants FG to ban whatsapp

In his own words, “the depletion of operator revenues by unlicensed providers of “over-the-top” telecoms services who do not have any physical presence; nor pay any taxes; nor make any significant contribution to employment or other socio-economic objectives of government in Nigeria.”

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Mentioning WhatsApp, Viber and the likes, the MTN boss pointed out that these companies were eroding gains of Nigeria’s telecom companies and asked Nigeria to take action like the United Arab Emirates did.

Speaking further, the CEO identified another factor as the inability of operators to access foreign exchange, explaining that “this is particularly debilitating given that most of our inputs are sourced off-shore. This has very significantly increased both operating and capital expenses.”

Ferdi Moolman, CEO MTN Niheria
Ferdi Moolman, CEO MTN Niheria

I don’t have anything against the above opinion of Mr. Moolman but banning whatsapp? Sir, I strongly disagree. Also, he was advicing the Nigerian government to toe the part of the UAE. Let’s take a look at the step the UAE took below..

The UAE’s telecom operators banned the recently introduced voice and video calling feature on Snapchat 2.0.

Following an update in software, the social messaging app users could chat with their friends on voice or video calls.

However, this new feature in the app’s latest update is against UAE’s VoIP regulations.

It bans third-party providers from providing internet based telephony services.

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But I want to sound it to Mr. Moolman and the Nigerian government that UAE isn’t Nigeria. We could even hold a protest if whatsapp is banned. What do you think?