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I’m very sure many of us have in one case or another, had to regret not making provisions to be able to track our smartphones once it gets stolen, or misplaced. This is the most annoying thing ever, if you have been paying attention.

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But it seems like someone in Ghana has been working sound the clock to, instead of just wish they had make these provisions, actually solve the problem (though there are a lot of other ways you can do this). I present to you an application that can let you track your lost phone.

A Ghanaian developer, Jonathan Amenyah, founder of RINJAcom, has developed MobTrack, an application to help people track and find their lost phones. I think a simple approach to doing this is needed just like what Mr. Jonathan is about to provide.

Talking about the application and how it works, Jonathan said that, “MobTrack is mainly an application built to track lost mobile phones and help find them. To use the application, install it on your phone and register.”

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“While registering, the application will notice your primary contact number or SIM card. You will be asked to provide an alternate number. The alternative number is another number other than your original phone number which will help you find your phone when you lose it,” Amenyah told ghanabusinessnews.

“After registering it, if someone picks your phone and inserts a new SIM card in it, the phone will automatically send you the coordinate of the person’s (new phone holder) location and the new phone number through the alternative number you initially provided while installing the application.”

“Receiving the contact and location, you can know where exactly the person is and call the number to follow up to retrieve your phone,” he added.

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“Challenges faced at the initial stage of developing the application had to do with Google Maps. Some parts of Ghana are not included in the map so I had to manually add up those locations to the Global Positioning System (GPS),” Amenyah said.

While this is a good concept, I must say they need funding if they are to give this full publicity. To be sincere, if I had money that much, I wouldn’t mind staking some amount in this. To me, its got potentials.