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Twitch Is Fighting The Good Fight: Taking View-Inflating Bots To Court

Twitch, bots, video streaming

Let me start by making a grim confession: until a few days ago, I have never heard or known what Twitch is or how it works. Maybe that is because I don’t play online games at all. Twitch came within my radar after the firm decided to tackle makers of online bots that increase or inflate views artificially. At first ... Read More »

Snapchat Admits To Stealing Ideas Of Artists For Its Photo Filters

Snapchat, photo filters

Snapchat, the popular image messaging and multimedia app for mobile devices, has admitted that it might have copied designs from artists to make some of its photo filters. This is just another, all too common story of the big firms copying (or outright stealing) ideas from the small dudes. We just witnessed the case of how Alphabet (formerly known as ... Read More »

Common Android Lollipop Problems And Their Solutions

Lollipop problems

Lollipop OS was announced back in June 2014, and released to in November of the same year. By end of this year, Android N, likely to be known as Nutella if the rumors are correct, would make the Lollipop look like a behemoth struggling to make a last stand against time. The features in Android N are likely to be ... Read More »

Speed Up Your Old Android Phone By Doing These Easy Things

Android, device

Perhaps you don’t have enough money to buy the latest Android smartphone from Tecno, with its Marshmallow operating system. As matter of fact, you might have stopped upgrading your phone as far back as the Android Jelly Bean Stage. Stuck with an old device that does everything except that is so awfully slow. The bad news for you is that ... Read More »

Video That Captures All Apple WWDC 2016 With Summary From The Verge

  I have missed a lots of things from this year Apple Worldwide Developers Conference , but sometimes I still have to look for ways on how I can face my job here and continue to write my half baked English at TechProducts. Apple WWDC 2016, is one of the promise I made to cover at least 90% of the ... Read More »

Welcome Targeted Ads Into SnapChat App

snapchat ads on application

The Big Announcements Of Ads Coming To SnapChat Applications According to TechCrunch, Ads will be coming to SnapChat in no distant time, no, not the type of the ads you have been seeing before, but we are talking about targeted ads that will see competing with other top social medias. hey!!!. Do not worry, we are sure the SnapChat. The ... Read More »

Linkedin Sold To Microsoft By Jeff Weiner For 26.2Billion Dollars

LinkedIn Sold To Microsoft For 26. Billion Dollars

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has sold LinkedIn to Microsoft for all cash and carry at 26.2 billion dollars. This is the first time a company worth such is being sold in full cash. This is amazing if you ask me and that is alots of money. I need some I guess. Do not let me bore you with my personal ... Read More »

Twitter Hacked? 32 Million Hacked Accounts Doesn’t Mean ‘Yes’

Twitter hacked

Has Twitter being hacked?’ That is a very germane question. In the light of the recent news that several celebrities had their accounts hacked, it is a legitimate question to ask. Even billionaire, and CEO of Facebook would be really interested in knowing the answer to that question. And to ruffle more Twitter feathers, LeakedSource, a website that specializes in ... Read More »

Best Cheapest Android Phones As Of 2016 In Nigeria Under ₦30,000

Cheapest And Best Android Product in Nigeria 2016

Best And Cheapest Android Phones List In Nigeria As Of 2016   The best cheapest Android mobiles phones in Nigeria, we have been able to compile these cheapest android mobiles phones between the range of 20,000 to 30,000 even with current high exchange rate to the naira. Most of the names might not be popular, we can assure you to a ... Read More »

Tecno C9 Release Date, Features, Specification & Price In Nigeria

Tecno C9 real photos

Release Date Of Tecno C9   According to Tecno C9 team the phone will be release late June, but precise date have not been disclosed to me by my source. The Tecno C9 is a senior to Tecno C8 that is being sold around the range of ₦38,000 to ₦45,000 according to your city the mall available.   Tecno C9 is a ... Read More »