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Bloggers on Tumblr, one of the biggest microblogging sites in the world, would be happy to hear that ads would soon start to appear on their blogs. Ads mean money. Money means more incentive to push out quality contents. That is how the online world of free internet works.

Tumblr blogging, online ads,

However, bloggers are advised not to rejoice immediately though. In the short term, revenue from ads would not be shared between Tumblr and the bloggers. Ultimately though, the plan is to make sure bloggers get a cut of the ads revenue.

It is understandable that Tumblr would adopt this measure to try and recoup some of the money invested in promoting the forum to ad companies.

Tumblr blogging, online ads,
Lowell Mcadam, Verizon CEO

But I foresee problems in how short term vs long term is defined by both parties. I believe Tumblr should make it clear to users how long they plan to float free ads on bloggers space before a kind of sharing formula is arrived at.

Because, left to these big corporations, the small people on the street would never get a single cent of their money. And if they decide to share it later at their own discretion, it might be too tilted in their favor for it to make any financial sense to the bloggers.

It is simply not in the DNA of big firms to share money with the little guy. They’d tell you they have to make shareholders happy with as much money as possible.

Though reading through the blog post by Tumblr about this new development, one gets the impression that the sharing of profits from ads would start later this year. Here is the full post:

On Thursday (yesterday), we’re going to introduce ads on Tumblr, so that later this year people can start making money from their blogs.

Tumblr is a place where brilliant, creative, funny, impossible people shape culture. Some of you have even turned your passions into jobs: book deals, music careers, paid gigs with the Creatrs program. Now, (soon!) that opportunity will be available to any eligible Tumblr—poet, musician, fan artist, and misfit weirdo memelord alike.

Some things you’re probably wondering:

Do you have to? Good question. No, you can turn off on-blog advertising in settings if you’re not comfortable with it.

When? Who? How? How much? Also good questions! We’re still working out the details of the partner program but as soon as we have details to share, we’ll make announcements right here on trusty Staff. Just so you know: You won’t be able to make money until you register for the program—which is coming soon.

Okay, cool. Ta ta for now!”

Tumblr blogging, online ads,
Marissa Mayer and David Karp ‘ Yahoo and Tumblr CEOs respectively

Being a pessimistic with absolutely no trust for big companies, I’d say bloggers should take ‘later this year’ to mean sometime in December, that is, in five months time. And that is me been charitable.

It has being an eventful week for Tumblr. The culmination of that excitement was that Verizon paid $4.8 billion to buy over Yahoo’s internet business. That means Tumblr now has new owners.

It was just three years ago in 2013 that Yahoo paid a little over $1 billion to acquire Tumblr. So three years down the line from a bullish acquisition of small Tumblr,  Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, is now over-seeing the take-over of Yahoo by a rival tech firm.

Tumblr blogging, online ads,

Verizon, which also owns AOL, also acquired Flickr and Yahoo News as part of the deal.

It is significant that Verizon owns AOL. AOL has tons of experience in working the online ads market. So it is expected they would bring their aggregate expertise to push online ads towards the blogs on Tumblr.

So if by the end of the year, bloggers on Tumblr begin to make money from the contents they publish on Tumblr, then they would look back at the 27th of July 2016 as the turning point in the fortunes of their beloved Tumblr.

For the about 305 million bloggers on Tumblr, it is fingers crossed time while they buckle down to create the best content that would drive traffic to their blogs. I am sure Tumblr ads revenue sharing formula would follow the pattern of other forums, the blogs with the most traffic get the most money.


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