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Do you hate ever forgetting your passwords for the different platforms you’re on, or the different gadgets you use, and you keep cracking your brain until you cannot even remember anything? Then, my friend, Microsoft might have just come to your aid as they have decided to look away from the conventional use of passwords.

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Apart from just forgetting your passwords, many cases have occurred of hackers gaining access to people’s passwords as a result of how bad people are at setting one, and the repeated use of a particular password on different sites and all.

So what exactly does Microsoft want to do? Microsoft announced an alternative way users can sign into their Microsoft accounts by using an app on their smartphones. So instead of typing long and complex passwords, the user installs the Microsoft Authentication app (available on Android, iOS, Windows), when you try to log in, it sends you a notification on your phone. All you have to do is tap to approve and you would be logged into your account without any passwords!

 Microsoft Authentication app
Microsoft Authentication app

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One thing that might still be perceived as a limitation though is that, you still need to access your phone to log in. So if you lose your phone or don’t have access to it, you have to revert to using your password. So we’re all back to square one.

Well, I want to sincerely commend Microsoft’s creativity at this. It is very good that we still have people that love to think away from convention and defy normal routine. With the ease people have been hacked for a while now, I think a development like this is long overdue. And we would appreciate other brands coming up with more creative ways to curb this menace.

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Many people have also opined that using yahoo mail to access one’s account could be a worthy alternative too, and when you can’t connect to your yahoo mail account, you revert to the use of  passwords. Seems like a good deal for me.