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Microsoft has partnered with the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (MITI) through its Africa Open4Business programme. The aim of this collaboration is to digitally transform the delivery of services to the investor community in Nigeria while also evolve the regulatory and procedural environment governing business incorporation.

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According to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Honorable Okechukwu Enelamah, he said that, “Our partnership with Microsoft is designed to drive business model innovations, which will transform the delivery of services to current and prospective investors in Nigeria, the objective is to deliver self-provisioned, expedient and technology-driven services to the highly-valued constituencies of investors that we are mandated and keen to serve”.

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A comment from Hakeen Adeniji-Adele, Public Sector Director at Microsoft Nigeria goes that, “The Africa Open4Business programme helps to tackle one of the main challenges deterring investors: A lack of credible and timely investment-related information. By helping MITI modernise and digitise this information, we will enable MITI to engage with investors on a frequent and timely basis, to increase investment levels and, ultimately, the pace of job creation.”

Still speaking on this support from Microsoft, Azza El Shinnawy, Director of Government Solutions, Microsoft Africa Initiatives opine that “By integrating cloud technology, we will be able to cut down both the time and costs investors spend to incorporate and maintain their businesses in Nigeria. Cloud technology will also help MITI proactively communicate opportunities to a global community of investors, expanding investment horizons and showing that Nigeria is indeed open for business.”

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It is very heartening to know that we do have the support of a lot of these companies that we patronize over here. Support projects like this seems like a Corporate Social Responsibility on the part of the companies, which is very commendable.


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