MicroSoft And Google

Kubernetes is a mega and popular open source cloud technology created by Google, a software project first designed by them to maintain and manage their massive server infrastructure then went on to become a major reference tool for this day software developers.

But on Tuesday, Microsoft the computer software and services global giant launched a new service called Azure Container Service, it is abbreviated as AKS and is a cloud computing platform for Azure that is built on Kubernetes the open source cloud technology by Google. Also Amazon a world lead market Web Services along side Microsoft Azure provide almost same kind of support for Kubernetes even though Google still prides itself as being the first and the best place for use of the software since it was created by them.

Google vs MicroSoft
Google vs MicroSoft

The game here is that Azure Container Service in thesame market of Kubernetes and the bet by Microsoft that Azure can beat Google cloud in the world of Kubernetes saying that Azure Container Service makes it easier for customers to run Kubernetes on large scales and with enhanced managerial and maintenance tool. Microsoft also said a free beta is also available for the time being.

So, in other words, Kubernetes is a major selling point of Google’s Cloud and with the absorbtion of Amazon and Microsoft to use of Kubernetes, a pressure is on Google. Mean while just beneath Kubernetes lies a trendy developer technology known as software containers that was kick started by Docker which is a start up estimated and valued at over One billion Dollars making Kubernetes Google’s double egde sword. Microsoft also acknowledges in a statement on one of its blog entry that  “has emerged as the open source standard for container orchestration,” and with start ups and big tech companies alike flocking to support it.

Containers are best explained as metaphorical boxes that developers can package their software programs into. Containers make sure the developer’s application put into them functions same way irrespective of the computers running them be it laptops, servers, data centers or cloud platforms.

In conclusion it is indeed a big coup for Google that Kubernetes is the standard in this field even though with competitors like Amazon and microsoft making big bets on Kubernetes mounts pressure on Google to ensure its created technology gives it an edge in the cloud technology wars.