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Microsoft Acquires VoloMetrix

maxresdefaultMicrosoft today announced that it has acquired VoloMetrix. Microsoft says that “this acquisition will combine VoloMetrix’ experience, technology and track record of success with Office 365 and our previously announced Delve Organizational Analytics.” VoloMatrix CEO Ryan Fuller also says that joining Microsoft will be “a huge win for our customers as we provide even better solutions going forward.”

VoloMetrix is  an arganizational Analytics Service, it specials in analyzing organizational performance  by using anonymized data collected from across a company’s corporate communications systems.

VoloMetrix, Inc. is an American enterprise software start-up based in Seattle, Washington. VoloMetrix offers a people analytics solution that combines data from collaboration platforms to create data visualizations and dashboards. It  is a people analytics technology company that uses big data to optimize organizational performance, providing executives visibility into the daily activities and relationships that propel business forward. VoloMetrix’s technology helps improve companies’ organizational alignment, drive sales, and promote employee engagement. At the end of April 2013, the company raised $3.3M in series A funding from Shasta Ventures. In October 2014, VoloMetrix announced a series B funding round with Shasta Ventures and Split Rock Partners that raised $12M.

VoloMetrix was founded in 2011 by Ryan Fuller, the company’s CEO, and Chris Brahm, a Senior Partner and Director at Bain & Company. The VoloMetrix leadership team team includes Natalie McCullough (Chief Revenue Officer), Nimrod Vered (VP of Engineering), Chantrelle Nielsen (VP of Product), Ahmed Quadri (VP of Customer Solutions), Eileen Conway (VP of Marketing), and Peter Cullen (Chief Privacy Officer). Jim Simons, Managing Director of Split Rock Partners, joined the VoloMetrix Board of Directors following the series B funding round.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Outlook and Office 365, Rajesh Jha posted on Microsoft blog:

“Even small improvements in a person’s day-to-day effectiveness can add up to significant value for an organization and greater employee happiness. Today, most of us don’t have the tools and information to help us make better decisions about our scarcest resource at work: our time. But, similar to how fitness trackers help us understand our health in our personal lives, innovative new solutions are emerging to objectively measure and prioritize our time at work. Giving people access to real data and objective, personalized feedback can lead to a virtuous cycle of improvement for both individuals and their company.

The hardest part about this is accessing and making sense of the real behavioral data that would give people these insights. Office 365 and the Office Graph offer a wealth of data and a powerful machine learning platform. By harnessing this data – while maintaining strict privacy controls – customers can create these personalized feedback loops that help people answer questions like: How can I improve my emails to ensure my communications are impactful? Am I spending my time focused on my priorities? Do I have the right people and expertise in my network to accomplish my project?

Today, to help people answer these kinds of questions and many more, I am thrilled to announce that Microsoft has agreed to acquire VoloMetrix, a pioneer and leader in organizational analytics. This acquisition will combine VoloMetrix’ experience, technology and track record of success with Office 365 and our previously announced Delve Organizational Analytics.”

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