Paint software updated, Windows 10

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Microsoft’s Paint is on of those softwares on my Windows laptop I use a lot. If you are a graphics experts, you’d wonder why I use something as basic as Microsoft Paint instead of editing suites like Photoshop.

Paint software updated, Windows 10
Windows 10

Well, since I am not a graphics expert, or a professional who needs very advance features to create or edit images, Paint is all I need to crop, resize, and do some other basic things with images. So far, I’ve had no complains with it.

Over the weekend, Paint has being in the news. For all the right reasons I am glad to announce. A Twitter user known as WalkingCat was the first to break the news. The good news being that Microsoft was about to update the Paint software to make it more suitable for all those Windows 10 OS that would soon take over the world.

WalkingCat did not give a review of the new Paint thought. All the world got from WalkingCat was a Microsoft video about the new Paint.

Paint software updated, Windows 10
Paint software

Thanks to The Verge, we now have an idea about how the new, updated software would look and feel.

A quick word here: I have to say that it’s high time Paint was updated. It is one app that has not been updated in years. Even though people like me like it because it is so uncomplicated, I am sure there are some folks who won’t mind the added features to make Paint more fun.

The new Paint software is almost a total overhaul of the old one. And you can now go online to download the beta version of you want a taste of it before the final release.

The updated supported now has support for 3D objects, in addition to the fact that it is very responsive to touch while using your fingers. Remember, Windows 10 ecosystem is mostly about touch devices.

If you are an expert in graphics, rushing to download the new Paint hoping to see advanced features like those found in Photoshop would leave you disappointed.

There are nothing like that in Paint. However, since this is still the beta software, hope is not lost. A final version of the software might include some advanced photo editing features. But for a free software from Microsoft, I am positive that in the final analysis, Paint is still going to be a basic photo editing software.

Paint software updated, Windows 10
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Just like the old Paint, one can easily crop images, insert desired texts in whatever fonts and can still use different paints and brushes to alter the images easily.

As stated earlier, there are several 3D objects available as well as new 2D shapes. One can also draw 2D features directly on images. As you can see, these new features are targeted mostly at touchscreen Windows 10 devices.

But more specifically, it is clear Microsoft is targeting the HoloLens hardware with this update. More announcements on that front would be expected at the end of this month at the Microsoft Windows 10 event. It is expected that the new Surface all-in-one PC would be launched at the event.

Perhaps, when I have a lot of time on my hands, I would download the new Paint to see what the noise is all about. I hope it works fine on my Windows 7 laptop.

It would be in Microsoft’s interest that it works on older versions of Windows. At least, that would give people like me one more reason to upgrade to Windows 10.

But for others, an updated software like Paint is simply not enough reason to switch over to Windows 10 from their current OS.

Watch the the new Paint in action below;


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