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Have you always thought facebook to be a hazard for your wards? Or you don’t want them to encounter something illegal? Then this facebook messenger kid app is for you.

The Facebook messenger kid app is now available for android. Before now, the app has been already available for both the iOS platform and the Amazon Fire Tab. The aim of the application is to target 6- to 12-year old children. One very important feature is that it does not include in-app purchases or Hide options just so parents can have more control over any unsolicited messages, and more like it.

Messenger Kids allows kids to do a free video calling and messaging so as to connect with close friends and family from their tablet or smartphone. Parents would have to approve contacts which would be the only ones the kids can contact. This would no doubt create a more controlled environment and prevent a lot of online hazards that kids come in contact with online.

For registration, Messenger Kids does not ask for a phone number. The app does not also need a Facebook account, unlike the regular Facebook messenger. Users, which are kids, can do whatever that want with the use of Wi-Fi. You do not expect this to require phone number, do you? Another great part goes that they can also report inappropriate content in the app or block contact. Though the chances of this is at a minimum.

You can get or download the Messenger Kids app from iOS App Store for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, in the Amazon Appstore for Fire tablets, and on Google Play for all other Android devices. This app should address potential kid’s online hazards, and it’s great that facebook are putting that into concern.



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