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Just when you think you’ve seen every weird technology there could possible be, then something mindbogglingly weird comes on stage. If you thought taking photos with those iPad selfie stick in public was embarrassing, then obviously, you haven’t met the Macbook Selfie Stick. Yes, you heard that right, a freaking Macbook selfie stick. Somebody actually had the nerves to make an Apple Laptop selfie stick.

macbook selfie stick
The selfie stick is one of those gadgets that at first sight, you are like; “What the hell were the thinking” and probably “there’s no way in hell am gonna put my Macbook on that”. But there’s no need to panic. As the name suggests, the selfie stick is actually strong enough to hold a MacBook . The stick is much longer and stronger than the traditional selfie stick to make up for the 2-pound weighing Apple laptop. Due to the resultant weight of both the Macbook and the selfie stick, you’ll probably need to grap it strongly with two hands. Who needs a gym when you can do bicep curls with your MacBook.

Macbook selfie stick

Nonetheless, you have to Believe me when I say, the world has indeed lost it mind. We may make jest of it and laugh now, but we may be eating our words in the not so far future if our crazy society really does find a good way to put these sticks to use. Let’s be honest, no one really thought smartphone selfie sticks were going to be a hit. And then subsequently came the Tablets selfie stick, as weird as it was at first, is now trendy gadget. So it’s only natural to expect the slightly more cumbersome Laptop selfie stick to make it big.

The quirky gadget is being branded an art project. Capitalising on our obsession with ourselves and vanity, the project is a brainchild of Moises, John Yuyi and Tom Galle team, who have ccreateda whole website dedicated to their invention. A series of pictures posted to the website shows the weird looking gadget in use on the streets of New York, much to the bemusement of confused onlookers. The team also visited Central Park, took in views of the iconic skyline and hung out outside the Starbucks in the Times Square.The artists refer to the selfie-stick project as only a “performance.”

If you are the weird gadgets loving type or simply a die hard selfie stick fan, don’t go for your credit card just yet. You wouldn’t probably see the metal crafted selfie stick on the shelves of your local store on E-commerce sites. But there’s perhaps a bigger issue on the selfie craze. Due to the obvious obsession with selfie sticks and the possibility of it constituting a security threat. You can no longer take selfie sticks to places like Lollapalooza, Disney theme parks , the Smithsonian or to see the pope. Similarly, imagine a crazy world with a wide acceptance of the laptop selfie stick — a world filled with MacBook-size selfie sticks. If it catches on, we might be seeing a global ban for the narcissist tech gadget.