Startit offers business solutions

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Are you an emerging entrepreneur,who do not have the proper solutions to launch into the industry of your choice? Then welcome to the conversation, you might have just gotten an answer to all your questions. Please stay put as I introduce StartIt to you.

Startit offers business solutions
Startit offers business solutions

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Startit is an organisation that offers business solutions, needed by entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Their approach to offering these solutions has its basis in providing the knowledge, insights and the logistics support essential for business.

Startit was co-founded by Brainerd Odiete and Obinna Igwebuike, and the platform was launched in November 2016.

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Now you might be wondering what exactly it is Startit does. What impact would it have on your business. Well, I’d tell you.

Startit oversees the initial work ranging from developing businesses from the scratch to legal requirements. The aim of this is to allow business owners focus solely on running their businesses. As a result, profit is maximised. Also, due to this, entrepreneurs can build their business on a solid foundation and run with clear direction.

What else? They also do research to enlighten entrepreneurs about the knowledge of their market and their competitive position. If we take their word for it, Startit would provide all of these at an affordable price. Therefore, it is a means to help them emerge a globally competitive business, starting from Africa.

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Further more, they aim to unlock the value opportunities and stimulate entrepreneurial minds that can take advantage of these opportunities.

I must give kudos to the founders or this great platform for having the insight to birth such an idea. It is in fact a right-on-time idea, as most entrepreneurs s in dire need of the right motivation. Not to also mention those who tend to fail as a result of focusing their man power on many other things which Startit would have taken care of. Thumbs up again sirs.

You can access the platform HERE.