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First you wake up with your phone by your side, then you go to the toilet with your phone, then you enter the kitchen, still with your phone. After some time, you go to play outside and drop your phone on a dirty surface, and so on.

But what you might not know, or chose to ignore in the course of all these is that your phone, no matter how it is handled, tends to pick up a whole lot of microorganisms from surfaces, from the air and a lot of other sources.

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Are you scared already? I think you should because the warm temperature your phone often have is a perfect breeding temperature for these microorganisms. They thrive well at 37°C which is most likely close to your phone temperature.

Now, what is the use of scaring you without offering a solution right? Don’t worry, I came with a solution – a long lasting one to be candid.

Have you every thought of how harmful these microorganisms can be and also thought of killing them even if you can’t see them with your naked eyes? This is exactly what Phone Soap does for you. As the name implies, it is meant to wash your phone clean of all microbes, though it won’t actually ‘wash’ it in its real sense, so don’t get discouraged yet.


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PhoneSoap is a “machine” that sterilises your phone by overlaying your phone in the UV-C light. It is this UV light that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on your phone. The PhoneSoap can be compared to the equipments used by various medical houses to sterilise and disinfect equipment and instruments (lets say just as sterilizers is to the medical world, PhoneSoap is same to the phone world).You can sure kiss those harsh chemicals goodbye.

The recently launched version of the PhoneSoap, the PhoneSoap 2.0 comes with some exciting features. The device is large enough to accommodate moderately-sized phones and phablets.

Another thing is you are at liberty to charge your phone during sterilization as a hole through which your charger can pass through has been provided for. Also, you can equally hear you phone or alarm ring. This is made possible through the “acoustic” provided in the 2.0 model.

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Personally, one thing that interests me here is the fact that the entire cleaning/sanitising process takes about 10 minutes with no emission of heat. I’d give anything to be able to keep myself safe in just 10 minutes.

What do you think of this device? I think its pretty cool and very timely.