Phone possessing an inbuilt TV

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We have surely come in contact with a number of phones that have seemingly unbelievable battery capacities, but I can boldly tell you that all those we have featured on the blog is nothing compared to this. Gionee M2017 comes with a 7000 mAh battery capacity, while an Oukitel device comes with a 6,600 mAh battery.

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Today, I present to you, another smartphone which is no joke when it comes to the battery capacity, with a whooping 12,000 mAh battery power. If we were to be fair with this huge capacity, then I would say it could last up to a week before you hear that most dreaded sound of “low battery”.

Phone with a 12,000 mAh battery capacity
Phone with a 12,000 mAh battery capacity

If your top priority in a phone is the battery power (which it should be), and you do not care about any other specs, as this phone has its limitations too, then I guess I might have just written this post for you. This phone would be your surest bet.

Talking on the limitations (every phone has one), this phone, sadly, only supports the 2G network, not even 3G which might be the only significant limitation as others present could still be managed without.

It is not too different from the Stone V3 device in-terms of specifications as it only supports 2G (earlier mentioned), and it sports just a 2.4inches display while also having a low display resolution of 240 X 320p, 3MP rear camera which is quite commendable at least, with a rugged dynamite 3D speaker, video player and recorder. Dual sim support and SD card supported.

Phone possessing an inbuilt TV
Phone possessing an inbuilt TV

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Well, just as its limitations, it also has a special feature too. The device comes with an inbuilt TV and as earlier mentioned too, a rugged 3D dynamite speaker.


See summary of the features below:

Display  : 2.4″ QVGA color screen

Resolution: 240×320 (QVGA)

Torch     : Tesla 3W LED flashlight

SIM        : Dual Sim Dual Standby

Speaker               : Built in Loud Speaker

Connectivity:     Bluetooth, USB

Network: 2G, GPRS internet

Band      : GSM900/1800 mhz

Camera                : 3.0MP back camera

Video    : MP4, 3GP, AVI

Audio    : MP3, MIDI, AMR, WAV, AAC

Memory Card    : Micro SD card (up to 32GB)

Feature                : Long lasting battery

Video Player and recorder

FM Radio

Physical Feature: L-130mm, W-55mm

Side button for Torch

Battery Capacity :            12,000 mAh


The price of the “power bank with a screen” has been pegged at AED 99 ($26.95, N9,000).