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It’s a thing of joy to safely announce that health tech startups are not ready to take the backseat in the technology ride of the nation. The feeling that you can better your health status right from the comfort of your smartphone is simply a hit.

Book Appointments With DokiLink

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Launched formally on 15th March 2017, DokiLink lets people in Nigeria find doctors/specialists easily and book appointments within the twinkle of an eye. Though the forml launch of the startup was in March this year, the platform has been in operations since 2013 where it only existed as a online network of professional doctors. The platform now boasts a membership of over 11,000 registered doctors.

Appointment bookings with physicians can be done in less than 2 mins on the platform. Users can simply log on to the platform and search for the physician and boom! the appointment can be booked instantly. Even for those that might be state-selective, the platform allows for searching in specific states and even cities.

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If we take a proper look at this platform, you’ll start to imagine what if the doctor isn’t available or what if more than one user books a doctor’s appointment and it clashes. Well, the brains behind the platform have put in place a unique personal calendar for each doctor on the platform.

For a patient to book an appointment with a doctor, there has to be a blue area on the doctor’s calendar- this blue area denotes an open slot. The blue area/open slot gets “locked” once the appointment is booked. The doctor thereafter, receives a notification via email and SMS about the booked appointment.

“And because we have launched our doctor booking platform on our existing doctor social network, DokiLink is “Live” across Nigeria,” Osamiluyi said.

Although, considering the typical Nigerian time to wait for a specialist that could be up to 4 months, one might question the efficiency of the health care delivery. Nevertheless, DokiLink’s database of doctors is worthy of high praise.

If you’re interested in giving the service a trial, visit the website.