It is no longer news that the just concluded CES 2017 in the first month of January is one the biggest thing to have happened in the tech world so far. There were a lot of technological innovations unveiled. Smartphones, Laptops, Accessories, Smart bicycles, and some other crazy smartphone features were also released to the world for the first time.

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One of such new revelations atthe CES 2017 is the first ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered toothbrush which was introduced by Kolibree. The France-based company pioneered the development of smart toothbrushes that work with an accompanying smartphone.

According to the press release from Kolibree founder and CEO Thomas Serval, he claims that the AI powered toothbrush, ARA, records the users brushing habits:

“Patented deep learning algorithms are embedded directly inside the toothbrush on a low-power processor . Raw data from the sensors runs through the processor, enabling the system to learn your habits and refine accuracy the more it’s used. Ara is Kolibree’s newest innovation for personalized healthcare, with an eye on disease prevention and wellness”

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As the toothbrush is being used, it instantly recognizes the areas of the mouth being brushed and in turn gathers information as regards brushing activities. Information obtained by ARA includes duration of brushing, frequency and areas of the mouth brushed. Once a connection is established with the accompanying app, the data obtained by ARA is automatically synchronized through Bluetooth Low Energy.

Kolibree also claims that the sonic vibrations and bristles of the AI toothbrush have a calming and soothing effect on the mouth while at the same time keeping the mouth clean. Information from Kolibree claims that ARA can last up to two weeks when fully charged.

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Also of particular interest is the fact that users of the smartbrush will receive recommendations on how to improve their brushing habits via email or directly on the app weekly through the accompanying application.

At the moment, ARA is available for pre-order on the company’s official website at a price of $80 for a limited period of time. However, as soon as shipping starts on March 1st, price would skyrocket to about $130. The smart toothbrush also arrives with mobile games that can help children develop healthy habits as they grow.

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Information from the company, Kolibree, also reveals that Ara will be part of a clinical study later this year in the US and Europe with the aim of evaluating how AI influences oral care and daily behaviors of humans.

Ladies and Gentlemen, would you purchase ARA and give it a try? Let us know in the comment box please..