While many are of the opinion that the Apple’s MacOS, fomerly OS X, is completely free of malware, in fact so free that you don’t need to run any third party software to protect your system against it, Malwarebytes just proved such opinions to be null and void.


Some researchers at security software company, Malwarebytes have found the first piece of MacOS malware for 2017. Malwarebytes have discovered a new malware on the MacOS, and according to the company, it is the first Mac Malware of 2017. And yeah… Fruitfly is the name.

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According to DigitalTrends, Malwarebytes was informed of the new malware by a particularly perceptive IT administrator, who noticed that one of his Macs was engaging in some unusual network traffic. As Malwarebytes staff looked into things, they discovered a piece of malware written with “antiquated code” that had likely existed — primarily on biomedical research center computers — for some time.

The code is simple but ingenious, made of only two files but capable of communicating with a remote command and control server, and of taking screenshots and sending them along.”

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Apple, however is aware of the malware and have accordingly named it “Fruitfly”. In this regard, Apple have released an update to protect the MacOS from future infections. Therefore, it is advised that MacOS users keep an eye on their laptops because malware does really exist for MacOS. Users should also consider running some malware software on your MacOS and scan for malwares periodically with an application like Malwarebytes to ensure your OS safety.