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Just as our names, faces and fingerprints are different, so are our preferences. You ask five people ‘what do you prefer to be the main feature on your smartphone? Long lasting battery, very good camera, a big sized RAM, big display e.t.c”. I’m sure you would get very different answers, some even combining two or more features. Its normal for people to like a fruit but some people actually do want a fruit salad. That wouldn’t work in this our discussions though.

If you ask me to put all the above features in an order of priority, I believe like many others, I’d be starting from a long lasting battery, to a big display, then a big sized RAM to a very good camera. But now, the purpose of this post is to ask you which one tops you priority list. If you do not have a topper yet, worry no more as we’d be highlighting some of them and saying a few things too.



So you create a phone with the best of specs – sleek and slim body, supports 4G, runs the latest Operating system and many more like it, then after all the “packaging”, you give it a very discouraging battery life. Please how do you want us to “enjoy” these specs when the phone we are to enjoy it on does not have a well befitting engine.

One cannot but give it all up for phones like the Gionee M2017 that was packed with a 7000 mAh, little wonder it dominated a very large number of headlines during the period of its release. A 7000 mAh battery could surely last more than 48 hours. Now show me who wouldn’t love to use a phone that gives them over 48 hours of use where they get to enjoy is entire features, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t exist.

The only thing with phones like that of Gionee M2017, or the Oukitel K6000 Plus is that they are ridiculously expensive, and even though the price of such phone might be justified, the truth is, they are still expensive.



Many people – females especially – are addicted to their phone camera. ‘Addicted’ here means that they take pictures every now and then – in their rooms, in their toilets, in classes, in offices and one thousand other places you can think of. Now, tell me why they wouldn’t desire a phone with a camera that is at the peak.

As much as I want a good camera, I can’t put it above a good battery, but some can. When you have phones with camera quality up to 20 MP, your photo taking adventures has then just begun.

You would agree with me that a whole lot of people now make use of the front facing ‘selfie’ cameras more than the conventional rear camera. But then, I do not know why phone manufacturers always decide to give the rear camera an upper hand in terms of quality knowing fully well that it should be the exact opposite.

Seeing a 20 MP rear camera and a 12 MP front camera doesn’t just cut it for me. Why not make them of the same quality, or even, make the front facing better than the rear. This is where I give accolade to phone makers like Gionee.

Unlike the Long lasting battery phones, high camera quality phones are not too costly. If they are, then it is surely not because of their good camera.



I could love a 6.0 inches device, a 5.5 inches device would also do justice to my expectations, a 5.0 device, maybe, but any other thing less than that is a no no for me. I cannot imagine using a device less than 5.0 inches. I mean how do I enjoy watching movies, or playing the games or doing anything at all which involves the screen.

Having a large display does it all for me as there is this comfort attached to it when in use, or do you want to make use of a device screen so small that it’ll be like you’re using your fingers to pick beans? I don’t think so.

So we would like to know the kind or size of display you would love. Big, small, medium? We would really like to know and why?



RAM is a key component in every smartphone and tablet and it plays a vital role in ensuring the performance and stability of your device. RAM can have a huge effect on how smoothly your phone runs: it’s arguably more important than the speed of your processor and the number of cores that it has.

I sure would love a phone that runs smoothly, I don’t know about you.


So which is your preference? Lets hear you…



  1. I like big RAM best of all. It’s frustrating to have a phone that would be lagging or hanging. The bigger the RAM, the more efficient.

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