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2016 has been a very long year in the tech world. A lot of devices were launched, startups were funded, new apps were released into their respective stores and a lot more like that.

A 10-app list has emerged which highlights the top ten apps that rocked the world in the year 2016. The rankings are based on the monthly unique visitors which the apps have been able to garner over time. All the apps featured on the list recorded a growth in the number of average monthly unique visitors they have as compared to the previous year.

Google Duo replaced Hangouts in Android OS
Android apps

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Scrutinizing this list extremely well, we would discover that all ten apps which are featured there are owned by just three to four companies. These companies have more than one of their apps featured on the list. Profitable, isn’t it?

Top apps in 2016
Top apps in 2016

As seen above, the Facebook app clinched the first spot – just as we would expect – with a whooping more than 146 million average unique users per month, and 14 percent growth over last year. Very recently, there was a report which was questioning if Facebook would reach the two billion users mark, with the way they are increasing rapidly, that is a real possibility.

But come to think of it, if you view it in a layman’s way, you’ll be quick to write Facebook off after they reached 1 billion users with a reason that they have reached the peak of their users because the market is already saturated. I tell you, if you still have that thought in you, do away with it – Facebook is still on the move.

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Facebook and Google;

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Second on that list is the messenger app with over 129 million average unique monthly users, followed by YouTube with over 113 monthly uniques. Another of Facebook’s product there is instagram. Instagram has over 74 million average monthly unique users and has a growth rate of 36% from last year.

Moving to Google, they have more of their products on the list than Facebook which includes Google’s apps YouTube (#3), Google Maps (#4), Google Search (#5), Google Play (#6) and Gmail (#7). Given that several of these are considered the basic utilities you need on any device – search, maps, email – it’s also not surprising to find them so highly ranked.

science journal app

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On the 9th and 10th rank goes to Apple music and Amazon. Well, these are the doggies fighters which are able to be on the same list with the almighty Facebook and the big daddy Google. We hope to see them on the list next year too. BTW, where is twitter?


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