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List Of Top 20 Nigeria Tech Blogs And News Sites About Technology

Today, I will be listing the top 20 Nigeria tech blogs that you must have visited or need to visit in order for you to know one or two things about the technology revolution in Nigeria. I believe Nigeria tech blogs are still in infant stage, but of course, these people have put it upon themselves to report as many news as possible that are relevant to tech space as Africa and especially Nigeria technology is a concern.

While I am not going to bore you with the list of the top tech Nigerian bloggers and their blogs site, at the same time I need to point out that reason, why we are having more blogs upon on daily basis, is that there are still lots of vacancy/ space to be filled, many people will argue with me on this point, that the tech media in Nigeria is already circulated with the young and dynamic thinkers who have taken upon themselves to report and write about the tech sphere.


The list is incomplete without the mentioning the likes of Lindaikeji, who I personally think is one of the people everyone wants to be like, of course, I want to be rich like her too, by buying my own house in Banana island too, through my article writing and tech related news posting at


To be among of the top 20 tech blogs in Nigeria today, I won’t want to be deceived you, the only reason someone can reach this list today is if you have lots of money, be like who invested lots of money on advertisements on then, yes I can see they are reaping their investments now. All the news on Naij now are hot cake through the search engines…they actually do not need to advertise anymore.


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But that is not why we are here today anyway. The second set of people I think they can reach the top 20 tech blogs in Nigeria if they start blogging today, is those that making money through tech blogging is not their focus, but the passion that comes with it from withing. So you either have the money to advertise, have the office, employ about 5 to 10 writers at least one SEO firm for consultations, off course you can hire me  for that (seriously) or you leave money alone and dedicate all your energy to writing updating the website regularly with original articles on a daily basis and you must not write all what others are writing, but must come up with a place/niche that is still empty you can fill in the tech space.


Nigeria Top 20 Tech Blogs here the lists.


The List Of Top 20 Tech Blogs In Nigeria

So , which blogs are among the top Tech blogs in Nigeria?

In this article , I’m going to rank the top technology blogs in Nigeria that you should visit. This list is based on the following considerations.

  • Content Quality
  • Quality of visitors
  • Alexa Rank in Nigeria and Worldwide


Key Facts :

  • Alexa Rank Worldwide : 12,563
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 113
  • Techcabal is mostly read by Developers , CEOs , Startup Founders and Investors
  • Some of their publications have been referenced to by top American websites like Yahoo , The Guardian , TechCrunch and much more.

Techcabal was launched 2013 by Bankole Oluwafemi. The blog focuses on Startups , Investments and Core Tech Issues in Nigeria and Africa at large. Techcabal is currently the most visited tech blog in Nigeria ; ranked #104 in the country.


Key Facts :

  • Alexa Rank Worldwide : 20,834
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 213
  • Techpoint is mostly read by Startup Founders , Developers, and Gadget Lovers

Techpoint was launched in January 2015 by Adewale Yusuf and Muyiwa Matuluko. The site focuses on Startups , Tech Issues, and Gadgets and has grown to be one of the best tech blogs in Nigeria. They are currently the second most visited tech blog in Nigeria with an Alexa rank of #141



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 41,014
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 287



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank :72,300
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 588



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 68,453
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 708




Key Facts :

  • Alexa Rank Worldwide : 88,534
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 848

Misstechy was founded in February 2015 by a Banking and Finance graduate , Tobi Ayeni. Tobi is the first recognised and most popular female tech blogger in Nigeria. She started Misstechy out of her passion for technology , little did she know that the blog will grow to be one of the best in the country.  Misstechy focuses on Gadgets , Mobile Apps and Technology in general.



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank :84,932
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 940



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 88,534
  • Alexa Rank in Nigeria : 969

MobilityArena is one of the oldest blogs in Nigeria. It was founded by mobile veteran , Yomi Adegboye  , one of the most influential persons in Nigeria’s tech space. Mobility Arena focuses on all things mobile. The blog covers information on all mobile operating systems and their apps. Mobility Arena is Nigeria’s biggest blog on mobile phones in Nigeria.


9. GEEK NIGERIA (www.Geek.NG)

Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 84,991
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 1,005



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank :107,322
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 1,326



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 182,849
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 1,393



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 133,065
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 1,599



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 252,811
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 1633

Specspricenigeria was founded in December 2015. They have the largest database of products specifications and price in Nigeria. They are the most trusted product specifications and price review website in Nigeria

14. ANDROID Nigeria (

Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 173,384
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 2,375



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 153,544
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 2,566



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 221,225
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 2,737


17. Technology SUPLEX (

Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 205,935
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 3,066



Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 198,440
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 3,124


19. GADGETS Nigeria (

Key Facts :

  • Alexa Global Rank : 224,223
  • Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 4,597


20. Add Yours..if you are the CEO of any of the sites listed above, you might want to send us an email at for little info about yourself or your site



Credits. SpecsPriceNigeria,, Alexa, Google