Lagos Named As Africa's Startup Base

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Lagos Named As Africa's Startup Base
Lagos Named As Africa’s Startup Base

Over the past few years, we have seen a number of mushroom industries and several startups spring out from 3 major cities in Africa. These cities, Nairobi, Cape Town and Lagos have been seen as the hub of these tremendous growth. But over the past one year, the Lagos ecosystem have been more friendly to these startups and have bred more of them than the two other cities and the entire Africa continent. Lagos have accommodated more of these new establishments and have helped mushroom startups to develop.

We have seen startups rise with early stage funding in Lagos far more than any other place on the continent. It’s also the base to the grand masters of the e-commerce industry on the continent : Jumia and Konga. Some of the Continents favorite and well-loved startups have also sprung out of Lagos, some which include : Andela, iROKO, and Flutterwave. These startups have attracted the attention of major global investors. These have been the idea behind the interest of some of the world’s biggest tech companies who have now been putting their interest into actions.