Kilimall Mobile week

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Killimall, an ecommerce platform with major dominance in the East of Africa, competing with the likes of Jumia in the region has decided to extend its tentacles to Nigeria by preparing to host its own Mobile week just like Jumia is about to.

Kilimall Mobile week
Kilimall Mobile week

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In Kenya, Kilimall rose to a prominent status in the e-commerce industry within three years and was the biggest player in the last “Black Friday” sales in Kenya. This further cements their place as a leading ecommerce platform in the part of the continent.

In a bid to acknowledge how far the mobile phone in Nigeria has come, Kilimall will be hosting the Nigerian populace to its Mobile Week campaign from the 24th – 30th of April 2017 (please save the date). The campaign is a perfect platform for every Nigerians to explore super-smartphones at amazingly low price. This slash in price is to show Kilimall’s belief that the good things of life can be very affordable and readily available too. Well, maybe they can.

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As it opens on the 24th of April, it comes with a display of great smartphones at an all-time low price, the Kilimall Mobile Week present a great opportunity for everyone to afford the smartphones of their choice.

Kilimall believes that everyone should have access to premium smartphones since they help us fulfill our work and personal responsibilities better. That is why it is making great smartphones available to the public at a slashed prices.  More so, Kiliimall has partnered with Fedex to facilitate express delivery for all purchase. So customers are assured of an all-around enjoyable e-commerce experience.

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Well, just as we anticipate the Jumia mobile week, I propose we do same for the Kilimall mobile week too. On a side note, does Jumia and Konga now have a new threat?