LinkedIn to be blocked in Russia

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The social media is a very large platform. In fact, it can be said to be the largest platform apart from the world itself. Hence, there is a little difficulty usually encountered when attempts are made to control it. But it seems Kenya are about to do it anyway.

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According to recent reports, Kenya Film & Classification Board (KFCB), through CEO Ezekiel Mutua, is considering passing a law that looks to ban the use of pseudonyms, or fake names as they call them, on social media.

In his own words, “No prior restraint, but when users commit a crime using a social media account, we should be able to identify them.” said Mutua in a tweet explaining sime of the motivation behind the proposed law.

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While this my be true, what gives them the assurance that a whole lot of people would not just use a combination of two names that look like their real names. How do they intend doing verification? are just few of the numerous questions hanging on this topic.

He said that the proposed bill to compel Kenyans to register social media accounts with their real names, i.e. official names, will be tabled in Kenya’s parliament by latest the end of June 2017.

A whole lot of people disagree with this bill, even I disagree too. This could be because of the fact that no matter how well you try, controlling the media is near to impossible in its entirety. The main problem here is how they would verify these real names they want people to register with. Because if they can do that, there should not be any need for the bill in the first place.

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Mutua has also confidently stated that, “This law has better chances of being passed than Boniface Mwangi has to become an MCA.” According to him, he hopes the bill can become law before Kenya’s Presidential elections on 8 August 2017 so as to scare off those who might want to use pseudonyms to spread fake news ahead of the elections.