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iphone x screenshot - how i took screenshot from my iPhone X
iphone x screenshot – how i took screenshot from my iPhone X

Want to know how I took a screenshot on my iPhone X? yea, geez just lied. I do not have the phone yet, not really, probably I am just prophesying. The iPhone X will cost nothing less than 474500 where I am typing this from. But you know, when I get you instruction on this blog, just follow it, forgetting whether I own one or not about the tech I am writing about.

Without wasting time, here is how to take a screenshot on iPhone X. Interestingly your screenshot will be saved to your gallery on that the normal folder “screenshot”. Also, I think the mode of taking the screenshot has not changed with the previous iPhone devices.  We have talked and written about iPhone X and great different it has compared with it is brothers.

To take a screenshot in iPhone X
  • Press the power button, the power button is the only button at the right angle of the iPhone X
  • Press the volume button up and your iPhone X should flash. If no flash and no sound (without previous change in setting of your iPhone, then it means no screenshot yet
  • Well you see flash, congrats
  • Access your screenshot as the previous mention from your iPhone X.

Do not forget to have Google Photo to be able to access your screenshot took with your iPhone. This tutorial was brought to you by TechProducts.com.ng

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