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Amidst the e-commerce stores in Nigeria, Jumia Nigeria is one of the most reliable and one of the biggest on the scene. The e-commerce platform has now lounged into the next phase of technology, that is, the artificial intelligence in order to make users have even better experience. This new AI is known as the Jumia Bot.

Setting the record straight, Jumia Bot is the first e-commerce bot to grace the Nigerian scene. What this implies is that just with a simple chat, items can be ordered, hotel reservations could be made, groceries could be bought, and on and on and on.

“Technology is the heartbeat of what we do at Jumia”, says Juliet Anammah, CEO Jumia Nigeria hence the introduction of Jumia Bot as a core technology integration to its business. Juliet added, “Jumia Bot has a very simple yet important objective: to help our customers get to personalized deals on Jumia Nigeria”

The AI is integrated into one of Facebook’s subsidiaries – Facebook Messenger. With ease, every Facebook user can get access to order items and the likes by just chatting.

How does it work?

Jumia Bot works by inquiring from the customer what the customer wants, and in turn it brings forth relevant offers. This is in similitude to search results that are displayed after you typing the intended item on the search box on the Jumia website. The bot’s language processing is also excellent at the moment. In fact, it is very similar to the shopping keywords that are presented on the e-commerce site.

The follow-up experience when orders have been made is also interesting. Tracking of orders with the shipping number is enabled, so also contacting the customer care.

However, there’s a clause. Items can’t be ordered directly through the bot. After an item is clicked, the Jumia website opens within the in-app browser thus pay can be made through Jumia’s secure payment channel – Jumia Paay. This ensures that all the action still goes on in the Messenger.

What do you think about this innovation? Is it a smash or a pass? Let us know in the comment section.