jumia mobile week

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It is that time of the year again. It is time for Jumia Mobile Week again. If the idea of a Jumia Mobile Week produces a ‘huh?’ reaction in you, that is because you never heard of an event like that. Or maybe you know, but just forgot the date. So a reminder of the date: 31st May – 6th June.

jumia mobile week

For those who don’t know, Jumia Mobile Week is a mobile phone fest by Jumia. It is a one week event where Jumia decide to reward their customers with awesome deals on phones like Infinix, Tecno, Gionee and many more. Last year, in spite of the complains, the Jumia Mobile Week was a momentous event for many. They got to buy their favorite phones at huge discounts. The complains though were from people not able to get the phones they desired. I can understand that. There was a huge rush by buyers immediately the window opened. I heard tales the Jumia servers crashed occasionally during the period. Especially in the first few days of the promo. The hope is that they fixed the problem because I know for sure that the surge for bargain phones at this year’s Jumia Mobile Week would be as big or even bigger than last year’s.

How Discounts Work At Jumia Mobile Week

There is a big misconception about discounts during the promo. The discounts are just for some selected phones. And the amount dicounted vary from phone to phone. Older models or less popular models tend to have the highest price slash. And getting the phone depends on how fast you can place the order.There are limited stocks available. So it is common to see, ‘Out Of Stock’ sign on some models

Jumia is an online shopping mall founded in 2012. In the four years it was created, it has become the biggest online mall in Nigeria and arguably the biggest in Africa. The e-commerce site, in a bid to attract more users to the site, regularly launch promos like the Jumia Mobile Week. The common theme in all the promos are cheaper goods for buyers. And to increase the popularity of the online mall, some cities have pay on delivery service.

For this year’s Jumia Mobile Week, the company is trying to help buyers with tips on how to get the deals of their choice first.

  1. You submit your email to Jumia. They will use your email to remind you about upcoming events. And of course other Jumia activities that might be of interest to you. On my part, I am really skeptical about giving out my email to an online retailing mall. That’s definitely inviting a deluge of mails from them reminding you of everything from the latest toothpaste to the most advanced LED TV in town. Things you might not need. At the least, you’d be getting regular newsletters from them. I hate things like that.
  2. Download the Jumia app (get the iOS app here). Using the app is a far better option than submitting your email. Though if you have limited data, an app from Jumia will be useless to you. The app constantly refreshes itself consuming data. And of course, you’d be bombarded with in-app ads. If you can handle this issues, then go ahead and install the app.
  3. Liking their pages on social forums is one way to get tips fast. In my opinion, it is the best of the three ways. And if you enable notification on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you are instantly notified anytime something new is posted. That way, you’d be among the first to react to any new deal coming up.

The question now is, how helpful are those tips? Not really helpful I must confess. But then anything to get ahead is welcome.

A helpful timer on the site is counting down the hours. A nice way to ramp up the anxiety. To get more info, visit the website and see everything for yourself including new updates. On Twitter, the place to look for Jumia Mobile Week is the appropriately hashtagged #TimeForNewPhone. If you are interested in getting a new phone, I guess Jumia Mobile Week is a good place to start your search. Wishing you all the best in your quest.

photo credit: jumia.com