Jumia launches 'Jumia local' to sell only made in Nigeria products

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Following a lot of desperate calls from Nigerians to patronize ‘made in Nigeria’ goods, JUMIA, one of Nigeria’s biggest e-commerce startup and company have decided to set the trend. Today being the 1st of October which marks the country’s 56th independence, JUMIA marked this day by introducing an online store dedicated to products made in Nigeria, called JUMIA LOCAL.

Jumia launches 'Jumia local' to sell only made in Nigeria products
Jumia launches ‘Jumia local’ to sell only made in Nigeria products

Jumia Local is Jumia’s way of supporting local entrepreneurs and brands that manufacture or assemble their products in Nigeria. Merchants on the site will be able to sell their products on at 0% commission, and their products will be promoted through Jumia’s marketing channels (social media accounts, mobile apps, billboards, and radio).

Jumia launched its online marketplace for SMEs in direct competition with the similarly named Konga Marketplace. The marketplace makes it possible for Jumia to reach over 100,000 visitors daily with its numerous sellers and products. But presently, we think Jumia would now have an edge over Konga in the Nigerian market as majority of Nigerian entrepreneurs would prefer to display their products given the niche Jumia has carved for them.

Before now, many nigerians were complaining about the constant fall in the value of the naira and they blame the government. In truth, our insatiable appetite for all things foreign is to blame for that. No nation can become great if it is clothed, serviced and fed by other nations. It just will not happen. In lay man’s terms, a nation’s currency is like a promise by the issuing authority, in this case the Nigerian Government, to pay holders of the currency. In other words, currency is an assurance by a government on goods and services. I guess Jumia saw this opportunity and keyed into it.

According to Jumia, this a social responsibility initiative that’s aimed at growing the local economy. According to Bili Sule, Head of Business Development, Jumia Nigeria, “To build a sustainable and healthy ecosystem for Nigeria, we need to focus on products made in Nigeria. The change starts with each and everyone of us and Jumia will lead the way by taking the responsibility to promote our own Nation’s products.”

Are you a Nigerian entrepreneur and want to make proper use of this opportunity? Then you must have your products made or assembled in Nigeria. Another condition is that you have to sell online exclusively through Jumia for the first six months.

And don’t forget, Jumia says you should #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira